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Worst Day

       You know those days where it seems like the entire fucking world decided to take a collective shit on your soul (eloquent, I know)? That was today...yesterday now? The point is, after kicking the wooden cabinet door in the kitchen, which may now be broken, the only thing that calms me down is some Mumford & Sons. I think it has to do with the fact that country reminds me of childhood and that, mixed with the alternative folk rock, is rather soothing, or maybe it's just because I kind of like Winston Marshall (when his beard is more five/ten o'clock and less pedophile in the country).
       These few songs just calm me down enough that I don't need to strangle the punk who just got his license and is riding my poor car's ass in the car his daddy just bought him. Dick (I love to curse; every word, despite it's meaning or crudeness, is part of the English language and should be cherished for its value in said vernacular, but I never curse more than I do while driving, or at rich kids, or republicans...I swear I'm not an angry person. Usually).
       Back to the point, if you're ready to simultaneously cry and begin punching kittens, listen to these songs to try to calm down. If you are not like me, I am sure your nearest animal shelter is just teeming with newborns, as no one knows how to get an animal fixed anymore, you can punch.*
 Click HERE! for the best Mumford & Sons songs, thus far. I mean, they're all good but, well, click on the link and don't fuck with me (I may still be a little perturbed by the day's events).
- E
*Please do not start punching animals. They're soft and cuddly and really fun to hug after a day such as this. Go to your nearest shelter, adopt the first five animals you see, and just hug them. It will be adorable. And probably overwhelming. Get only one animal.

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