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Good Guy

       The music and lyrics for this track are equally gorgeous and the song is entirely too perfect for this to be the first single from the band's last EP (it will make you want far more from the band). Lakefield has announced that their Swan Songs EP will be the band's last work together and the EP will be released February 14 (because Valentine's Day is an awesome release day).
      That opening verse is sung with such certainty lying within those blatantly honest lyrics that each line somehow gets more articulate as the verse continues, starting with the profound "you hold my heart, you're not to blame, it's just one of the outcomes of the games we play" and ending the verse with "I'm not the type, to follow through, I'm sorry for this heartache but it's all for you". Other lines that state "I'm sorry I just can't move one, this heartache will not go away and it's just gone all wrong" and "someday I will move along, but only if you tell me that my heart's been wrong" are just as fantastic and fall in line with a slowly twirling melody and steady rhythm that urge the song forward. 
       The music remains a steady supporter of the vocals (while still remaining strong and holding its own with solid riffs and an ever present beat) until the 2:00 minute mark when the guitar begins to gain strength and, by the time that 2:30 mark comes around, the guitar hook feels just as important, and is just as moving, as the softly gorgeous vocals. Of course, the repetition of "I'll break your fall" and "you could have been mine" overlapping one another is not to be outdone by the increasing dynamic of the guitar and drums, because those urgent lyrics play out parallel to the crescendoing instruments and it's a brilliant combination. 
       Pick up your copy of Swan Songs on February 14, watch the unobtrusive and wonderfully simple video for the track (become completely addicted to the single), and head to the sites to find out more about the band and their music. 
"Good Guy" Lakefield
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  1. Thank you for spending time with our Swan Songs. Today is the day – the album has been released! Much love, from all of us at Lakefield.