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Some Music

       Finding an internet connection strong enough to listen to the entire length of a song in the middle of nowhere isn't easy and there are too many towns to explore and trails to hike for me to chill on the internet anyways. In saying this, the blog will be, somewhat, updated throughout the next week and the blog's Twitter will probably be updated just as infrequently, because I am apparently so far from civilization that not even a new Samsung Galaxy can pick up any reception, so that's cool (it would be cooler if the last text I sent had not been a joke to my friend, telling her she could have my dog in the case that I had entered a horror movie, but that will be fixed soon[ish]).
       Until then, the feel of The Motorleague's "North America" music video and the song itself feel pretty good for the rest of my vacation.
       Mix that with some Timmy Curran, Dear You's latest single, and some Billy Joel (always add something from Billy Joel) and it's a pretty perfect, albeit short, list to carry you through the next week of ridiculously steep (at times) and slightly flooded trails, small town record stores (I love them completely), and the sweetest wine from family run vineyards, before having to return to your real life.
       "Blue Eyes" Timmy Curran
       "If Worries Were Weights" Dear You
       "The River of Dreams" Billy Joel
- E

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