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       Sir Sly's "Gold" holds all the trepidation, honest lyrics, and pleading notes of the ever-popular The Neighbourhood, but without that constant pit of despair which beckons you in whether you're ready or not, making Sir Sly's track that much better (in this niche) because I can only take so much empathy before I'm ready to leave and find music that understands me, rather than a track that begs for my consideration. 
       A trippy video which features the constantly haunted protagonist running from himself while the lines "darling never settle, chasing down the devil, chasing down the gods, I hope you find your dream" traipse across the backdrop makes the video hit harder than any of this year's other releases from popular artists, which all seem to support the same light and running theme (i.e. "we're young, adorable, and cooler than you"). 
       A solid composition and a video interesting enough to keep you watching through the final scene while lyrics as great as "nothing in my life worth proving, chasing, all my time is wasted" and "it's the push and the pull, it's the rise and the fall, I don't owe you a single thing, I don't owe you anything" are brought to life makes "Gold" completely refreshing and worthy of all your late night summer playlists.
"Gold" Sir Sly
- E

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