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  • Sheppard is all set to make their US debut with their catchy hooks, sweet melodies, and lovable lyrics. Look for them to take over iTunes charts soon with their single "Geronimo" that turns a childhood exclamation into an endearing provocation and listen to tracks "Hold My Tongue" and "Let Me Down Easy" to hear why you should already be loving their sound. 
  • Calan Mai released his music video for single "We've Got Love" and it gave me a reason to start listening to the track on repeat again (and thank fuck for that because this track is as great as it is adorable). The fun, single-shot, simple concept video has Australia written all over it and, above all, those lyrics are sweet; listen and love. 
  • Fragile Creatures' "Sunshine" is understated pop with a light feel despite its heavy beat; articulate lyrics that scream 'alternative' are held against a reggae-esque rhythm that makes the track oh so irresistible. Look for their debut EP to be released mid-August.
  • Rob Drabkin released the video for single "Don't Worry About Me" and the track and simple video concept are so pure it aches in its perfection. With the constant music turnaround that this site sees, along with the absolute need to write about at least fifty percent of the music sent this way (i.e. only the good stuff makes it through), leaving little to no time to look for personal tracks, I had nearly forgotten what it felt like when a song made you feel like it was saying everything you've never been able to. Not to dismiss the fact that that string arrangement is more moving than every Top 40 song currently on the charts (put together), nothing has ever been sweeter than that guitar, and Drabkin's vocals ring with such plaintive honesty that the grief is palpable and that omnipresent feeling of hope breathes through the cracks of every new verse.
  • Weezer will be releasing their ninth album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, September 30th. The album is organized thematically around three groups of songs and uses the sound from the band's earlier days to create these new tracks.
  • Angus & Julia Stone's video for their single "A Heartbreak" premiered this week and this irresistible sibling duo already has me craving more of their sound. I couldn't be more excited to see what they have to bring to the table now that they're getting US support.
  • Timbaland's Rachel Assil released a soccer themed video for her single "Whoever We Are" (featured on the 'Pepsi: Beats of the Beautiful Game' LP). Listen to the track now for rich vocals, addictive beats, and a building melody that works to lift up inspirational lyrics.
  • The Griswolds "Down and Out" is as catchy as all of their other tracks. Don't let the fun productions and bouncing beats fool you; this band has an impeccable talent for hiding spectacular lyrics behind danceable melodies. Listen close and fall in love with the sound you'll want to be playing all summer. 
  • EVVY released her newest single "Collide" and proved that she is only getting better with each track. Check it for a clean production, fun lyrics, a beat that will make you move and, most importantly, a free download that you can add to all your summer playlists. 
  • Rubblebucket released their single "Carousel Ride" and I cannot stop listening to this on repeat. It's rhythmic perfection with a downbeat being played out on the bass and guitar whilst a light melody is held throughout and soft vocals with their gorgeously unique quality speak honest lyrics; all the while that instrumentation slowly lodges itself in your brain -- it's fantastic. 
  • The Occupants' "Streets" reads like a trip through the evolution of 'alternative rock' from its earliest stages, through the creation of every sub-genre, including a short visit through grunge and a running feeling of indie-rock, all balanced out with a double beat and a waltz-esque rhythm that hold the track together as it plays out in a modern alternative structure worthy of multiple listens. Also, lyrics like "all we need is right outside the door" which urge you to actually make shit happen, rather than sitting around and waiting for what you want, are pretty awesome. 
  • Ariana Grande released her latest single "Break Free" and it sounds like everything else released this summer. Her tracks are too overproduced for her sweet vocals and when she has to fight to be heard over the production it only highlights the fact that she sings through her nose... It's catchy though. Look for My Everything to be released August 25th.
  • Colbie Caillat's official music video for "Try" is just as understated and gorgeous as the track itself, with the refrain "you don't have to try so hard" played whilst showing women's make-up preparations, in reverse. The sweet track and video can be summed up easily though: you don't have to make yourself look like someone else to be pretty.
  • Charli XCX has announced the dates for her Fall headlining tour in North America. The tour will kick off September 26th at The Social in Orlando and will continue through October. Head here to get tickets and listen to her latest single "Boom Clap" (and the greatly addictive ASTR remix) to hear the optimism and pure life that leaks out of her every track. 
  • Karine Hannah's track, "Burning Up", reads like a boring diary from a teenager's first heartbreak with lyrics that lay across the surface, never delving deep, and cheap similes that sound like they came from your first attempt at the SAT Writing section. The vocals are flat and emotionless with a complete lack of proper pitch that really only makes me question how she got this far.
  • Fenech-Soler released the lyric video for their track "Last Forever" and, after spending all week listening to Rituals, I can only say that I've never been more impressed with a band whose initial impression had me thinking that they were nothing more than another alternative boy band. Their lyrics have depth, their rhythms are catchy as hell, melodies are spot on, the vocals are actually good, and you'll like having these tracks stuck in your head. Get the new album when it drops in the US August 26.
  • If you haven't heard Julian Taylor Band's Tech Noir yet, you're greatly missing out. All of the tracks are purely fantastic, but "Love Connection".. Freaking "Love Connection" went acoustic and took my heart because this track sounds like the good shit you grew up listening to on your parent's vinyl, laying on the worn carpet of your old living room floor with your eyes shut; that's this song. Check it out now and fall in love with the entire album.
  • MoXiiE's "Anyway" offers up a pop/techno track that feels fresh and different from everything else available right now. Check it out below for a fun track that feels just right. 

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