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Short Update

       I'm doing an awful job updating again. The good news is, I will have no work for at least two days (starting tomorrow) and will give you fun things to waste time with like enunciation and K'naan (because everybody loves linguistics and Somalian born singers from Canada). Until then, here's a melange of updates on a few bands/artists. 
       Walk off the Earth's latest album, R.E.V.O.- EP, is now available worldwide and their music video for "Gang of Rhythm" will premiere on YouTube on December 12th (well, the 13th according to their facebook and the 12th according to their twitter; I'm hoping for the 12th) and, if you need some holiday music, they covered "Jingle Bell Rock" this month.
       Bruno Mars' Unorthodox Jukebox comes out tomorrow and, if his singles are any indication, the album is going to be great. 
       A lot of people seem to be hating on a lot of music; though that's more of an observation than an update. It is possible to like any type of music if you just give it a chance; I don't particularly like Lady Gaga but I still think that "Speechless" is one of the best songs. People just need a little self control when mocking music that carries different emotional values than that particular listener can fathom; find something other than the artist/genre/band to take your insecurities/hatred out on.
       Kodaline came out with a new video for "The Answer" a month ago and I never bothered highlighting it... Here it is now. 
       If you're still addicted to L.P.'s vocals and just cannot wait until her album comes out in 2013, she did a great cover of "It's Over" (originally by Roy Orbison) that can, maybe, tide you over for a week or so.
- E

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