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Best Mixes

       Now that my computer is finally virus free, Google Chrome works again, and I don't have to rely on my phone or someone else's computer to get things done (nothing is worse than being computer-less for two weeks), I can finally get back to writing about really great bands and all of the new music that has come out this past month. While I work on that, you can enjoy some pretty great remixes/mashups; the weirdest combinations always make the best mixes.
"Kids vs. Like A G6" Lobsterdust
"Call Me Maybe Remix" Timeflies
"Tik Tok Together (Ke$ha vs. The Beatles)" Doctordude
"Bulletproof" Cyhi Da Prince featuring Yelawolf
"Fly" DJ Earworm
"Hey We Will Rock You Ya (Outkast vs. Queen)" DJ Prince
"Red Hot Chilipop (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Lil Wayne)" White Noise
"You Oughta Know" Das Racist
"I Knew You Were Trouble Remix" Eppic featuring Alex G.
"Fade Into Krewella (Krewella vs. Avicii)" Brovanni
"Top of the Pops 2011 (What the Fuck)" Mashup-Germany
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