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Blog Resolutions

       I never do New Year's Resolutions; they're pretty empty gestures. Sticking with the spirit of things though (what with that New Year's glitter still stuck in the cracks in the sidewalks) I came up with a few resolutions for the blog in 2013.
       I am going to (attempt to) feature more 'undiscovered' bands. Featuring little known bands (like Youngblood Hawke or lady danville) that show up on the radio or in television shows a few months later is just fun and a lot of bands, while popular in one demographic, may not be as well known on the opposite coast or in a different country. Talking about 'little' bands is great though because, when Momma Holler is crazy popular and everyone wants their newest album, you can be the annoying hipster raving about how you were a fan before they had released their EP, Pack Your Bags Junior ; it's fun, I swear. If you know of a band that you really like and think other people need to know about them, email me (address at bottom of page) because they're probably great and deserve whatever publicity they can get.
       I am going to stay more focused and put up at least one post each day. I have a tendency to stop posting for a few days when I have more pressing matters like work, personal life, or school (oh, how I loathe school; I don't need to pay $500 for an hour long class when I can learn the same common-sense information from a $100 text book...), but I want to try to put up at least one post a day, especially for those of you who have been reading the blog from the beginning. I'm also going to refrain from using personal stories to fill up those days when I can't think of anything to write; I have already gone through and deleted or edited many of those 'personal' posts and would like to refrain from writing anything else that has to be deleted... I mean... This is kind of personal, but it's relevant to the blog so...
       I've never made a resolution list before so these two things seem pretty good to me. As far as my personal New Year's Resolutions list goes, Bombadil does a pretty good job of listing things out for me. 
- E

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