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Halftime Show- Beyoncé

       As I relinquish my NHL addiction to the wonderfully fun insanity that is the Superbowl at 6:30 tonight (all the matches will be done by six anyways), I would be remiss not to mention the great artist who will be the star of this year's halftime show.
       Regardless of the personal opinions you may have formed of Beyoncé (good or bad), her career is pretty amazing; Destiny's Child is the best-selling girls group of all time (being named one of the greatest musical trios of all time by Billboard magazine and selling more than fifty million records worldwide) and, during her solo career, Beyoncé has received sixteen Grammy Awards, twelve MTV VMA's, a Billboard Millennium Award, sold thirteen million albums in the US and over seventy-five million records worldwide, has been named one of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time" and "100 Greatest Women in Music" by VH1, and was named one of the "100 Most Powerful and Influential Musicians in the World" by Forbes (plus, Sasha Fierce may be the best stage name to date).
       Some people may have been upset by the whole lip-syncing episode at this year's presidential inauguration, but it was her own vocals that you heard through the speaker system; no one's voice, but her own, sang the "The Star Spangled Banner". Beyoncé is quoted as saying, "due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound check, I didn't feel comfortable performing live", though she will perform live at the Superbowl tonight (honestly though, were I in Beyoncé's place, I would have pre-recorded my vocals for President Obama's second inauguration, as well; would you want to take a chance of fucking that performance up?). Get over whatever pre-conceived notions you may have recently developed concerning her performance because she is amazing and, at thirty-one years of age, she has already had a truly great career (and you cannot deny that songs like "Halo" and "If I Were A Boy" are not great).
       There has been some talk of Destiny's Child reuniting on stage during the show, but it has not been confirmed (nor denied), though did Destiny's Child really have any hits aside from "Survivor" (Scratch that; upon further iTunes library digging, songs like "Jumpin' Jumpin'", "Bills, Bills, Bills", and "Say My Name" bring back memories of elementary and middle school and my first "boy-girl parties" [is there anything more awkward while growing up?].)? While looking through old songs (so old they were placed into my iTunes library from a physical CD, rather than an online purchase) I actually got kind of excited about the prospect of a Destiny's Child reunion, although Beyoncé has pretty much shot those rumors down. 
       While there is no set list available for Beyoncé's halftime show tonight, we can be pretty certain that songs like "Single Ladies" and "Crazy In Love" will be performed sometime during the show so, while preparing to root for your favorite team, listen to some of Beyoncé's music and prepare for a really great halftime show.
- E

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