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Hunter Hunted

       Hunter Hunted (born out of Daniel Chang and Michael Garner, formerly of Lady Danville) began, officially, on December 5, 2012 and, as of now, the band has only two songs (though they definitely exemplify the saying "quality over quantity"). 
        "Keep Together" was the band's first song (debuting December 15th) and has that beautiful vocal harmony which we have come to expect from these guys and is a perfect introductory song for the 'new' band. Michael and Dan were in a group before meeting Matthew Frankel and creating LD (Mikey G and Dan from Danville) and, through everything, they have stuck together as a sort of 'dynamic duo'. The song discusses a relationship where, no matter the circumstances, they're going to "keep together"; maybe the band did not mean it in this literal sense of keeping the duo together, but that's how I like to interpret it (after all, who does not like a cute song about a long term bromance? It really only adds to the band's charm).
        "End of the World" was released as the band's second song (and first music video), fittingly, on December 21st. Aside from the fun video (a great idea, executed to perfection by R.J. Sanchez), the song is kind of really amazing. Though Lady Danville had, originally, written this song together, Dan and Michael traded out the cajon for a new fast paced drum beat with a pretty backing harmony that easily flows over those chords and mixes with those perfect vocal harmonies that chant those, always great, lyrics (and Hunter Hunted's version sounds so much better than the original). The lyrics and music are amazing and it sounds as if Hunter Hunted is more than ready to be released into pop culture. 
       We're used to these two sticking with an indie pop sound, but they seem to be (once again) creating a niche in this genre that is all their own by relying on fun techno beats, creating a sort of dance/indie pop mixture (in theory, it's weird; in reality, it's amazing). As great as Lady Danville was, Hunter Hunted has the potential to be so much better.
         If you find yourself somewhere in the LA area on February 12th, make your way to the Troubadour to check them out; these guys exude charisma on stage and I can only imagine how great their first show as Hunter Hunted is going to be.
- E

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