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SunFest Day 5 Preparations

        Tomorrow is the last day of SunFest and I am, as always, determined to make the most of it before I have to head back to the other coast and a job and summer courses (what kind of sadistic person was like "you know what those few weeks of summer break are missing? Macro-Economics and financing, of course!"?).
       Nonetheless, I like to know a few of the songs the bands I see are going to perform and, in preparation for tomorrow's busy band schedule, I'll be listening to these artists' work on repeat. If you find yourself at any of the same shows, find me and we'll hang out (maybe.. definitely, if you bring frozen lemonade).
"Shots Fired" Future Prezidents
"Cemetery" Making Faces*
"Pinch Me" Barenaked Ladies
"Don't Start A Band" Reel Big Fish
"Just Another Romance" Set the Score
"Not Over You" Gavin DeGraw
       *If you're not excited over my night's line-up, make sure to, at least, check out Making Faces; they're pretty really great.
- E

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