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End of an Era

       For those of you have read this blog before, or listened to any of the playlists (or known me for any period of time), you know that Lady Danville will, forever and always, be my favorite band. Their music was the singular reason for which I returned to music a few years ago after shutting it out of my life; I can never promote them enough for giving me a reason to return to a point where I was able to, once again, fall in love with the entire process of making music, finding great bands, and discovering that one song you can relate to, perfectly.
       That is why I find their most recent facebook update to be so disheartening:
Dearest Friends, 

It is with extremely heavy hearts that we announce we have recently parted ways with our drummer and friend, Matt Frankel. Matt has been an integral part of Lady Danville and we will miss him deeply. Out of respect for him and his contribution, we will be announcing a change in our band name shortly. Suggestions are welcome.....

As we look ahead to the future, we are excited to say we will be releasing our first full length album in February. The Troubadour show which was scheduled for November will now coincide with the release date of our debut and will now happen on February 12, 2013. Please keep your tickets, as they will be honored by the venue for this new date. If you can't make it, you can contact the Troubadour starting Monday for a refund. We are excited for these new songs and what the future holds.

Much Love,
Michael and Dan
       Were it not for Lady Danville, I would have never met Michael Franti or Ratham Stone, or gotten so excited over touching Isaac Slade's hand; I would have never sang "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" in the pouring rain and I would not have fallen in love with Tokyo Police Club all over again when they called "Tessellate" an "oldie". I would have never cared enough to find out about artists like Sleeperstar, Momma Holler, Passenger, or Andrew Belle; and, of course, you would not be reading this right now. 
       Regardless of their band's name, I will continue to support Dan and Michael's (and Matt's) musical endeavors, much as I have since first hearing "David" back in 2008. It is, literally, the least I can do for the band and, honestly, they will be great with or without a drummer (or cajon player), but there is always something bittersweet about the end of an era.
- E

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