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Two Gallants

       Two Gallants, a folk rock band from San Francisco consisting of Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel, first began performing in 2002. They've released four albums, their latest being The Bloom and the Blight, released last month. Their sound has grown from a soft folk rock (with an emphasis on the 'folk'), to an edgy rock sound with a folk base since the release of their first two albums, The Throes (2004) and what the Toll Tells (2006). These first two albums had the same slow back beats and drum rhythm that are associated with the folk music genre. These first albums had the same folk lyrics that are present on each of their albums, though those albums are more reminiscent of country folk, while their last two albums, Two Gallants (2007) and The Bloom and the Blight (2012), introduced a new rock sound which had been previously lacking from the band's arrangements.   
       Their rock sound first became present on their album, Two Gallants, but the band did not come into itself, in a way in which they sounded fully comfortable with their sound, until their latest album, The Bloom and the Blight (the best, in my opinion). By blending their original folk sound with the rock sound which they have grown so adept at manipulating to fit around their folk lyrics, the band has finally reached a point where they are able to create music which is solely their own; it's difficult to compare their sound to any other band. As I have stated before, it is important for a band to grow as their fans do, and this band has certainly grown over the past five years since releasing their last album.
       The band has toured in Europe, the US, and Canada, as well as performing at the 2012 Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival. You can download two free songs from the band here and follow the link to their tour dates for their new album, or just click here to see the tour dates (though they are only performing in Salt Lake City for one day before leaving for Europe).
       Check out this song for a good mix of their folk and rock sound, and all of these songs to hear how great their new album is, plus a few of their better, older songs.
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