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Hurricane Prep

       To any readers who are on the east coast, stay inside and safe when Sandy hits tonight. Most people whom have never been in a hurricane do not take it seriously enough and, though the news does over exaggerate quite a bit for ratings, for the most part, they are trying to warn you. Living in Florida gives you just a few chances to experience hurricane weather and, anytime someone believes they can handle mother nature, they end up getting back-handed by her. Stay inside and if you can report later that you are fine and everything the news said was an exaggeration, that's great, but it is better to make fun of your over-reaction than to lament your poor judgement after the storm has passed.
       Charge your iPod or dig your old battery powered CD player out of your closet. If you like rain and thunderstorms, Iron & Wine or Band of Horses are both great to listen to (and I can't help but think that Momma Holler or Snow Patrol [Final Straw and Fallen Empires Snow Patrol] would sound good in candlelight). If you want something to counteract the storm, Fun. and Panic! At the Disco are both just great enough to keep your mind distracted and, if you really want to get away from the storm, Taylor Swift and Matt & Kim are perfect.
I use humor as a deflection, not a crutch.
- E

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