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Best "Grenade" Parody

       Have you voted yet? It took me over three hours to vote this morning (two hours of which included rain. That's why it's always important to befriend those next to you when the sky turns dark; you never know who will have an umbrella), but it was worth it. If you have yet to do so, go vote; it does not take too long when you put it in perspective or think about the fact that your one vote does make a difference. How often does an election this divisive come around?? Take part in it so that thirty years down the road you can walk around saying " fuck yeah, I'm one of those voters that made him president!". 
       Frustrated me wants to bring up the point that, if you say that waiting for that many hours (in the rain/cold/et cetera), with only one scanning machine at a polling place used by hundreds of people, and shorter voting hours in 'democratic' districts and longer hours in 'republican' districts is not voter suppression, you should look up the term 'suppression'; if you can vote with a gun license, but not a student I.D, that's kind of really ridiculous (I brought three forms of "acceptable" I.D; suck on that R-money). 
       Now that I've gotten rained on for two hours, baked in the sun for a third hour, and waited inside the building for another forty-five minutes before getting to work half an hour late (due to the ridiculous lines/number of scanners), I can sit back and enjoy this great "Grenade" parody (before rushing to the hospital to watch election results with my dad). 
- E

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