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Go Vote

       Tomorrow is election day in America and, though you may be haggard from having to rush to the phone for all those political calls and watching every political ad on television, you need to go out and vote. Do you really want to take a chance that someone who is completely intolerant of equal rights and has said "some gays are actually having children born to them... It's not right on paper. It's not right in fact" could lead this country (maybe you do; it's your prerogative)? I will be a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding when she can get married, and I will cry just as much when she marries the woman of her dreams as I did when my sister and brother-in-law got married. And a man who claimed that "rape is just another form of conception" should never be allowed to hold the title of vice president, or be given any leading title (purporting lies like that is dangerous and cruel). I'm sure it is obvious that, even though bias is never less than annoying, I will be voting for the man who signed the Lily Ledbetter Act, the Recovery Act, and the Affordable Health Care Act; the man who ended the war in Iraq, added 5.2 million jobs to the private sector, extended the post 9/11 GI bill, rescued the auto industry, set better fuel efficiency standards for auto makers, and took this country from its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression to the point where you do not expect to get turned down for every job you apply for and where an open house is not an empty house, all in four short years. He may not have done a perfect job, but he has done an amazing job with what he was given. And with Sandy fresh in our minds, I will be voting for the man who believes in global warming and is working to do whatever small things he can to slow it down; I will not be voting for a man who wants to cut funding for FEMA by 40% and thinks that climate change is made up. Most relevant to this blog, if you really love music as much as I do, it's silly to support a man (Romney) who says that he will cut all federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.
        Just vote. If my dad is voting from his hospital bed (the hoops you have to jump through are ridiculous; I have to drive to one location to pick up the ballot, with a signed note from him saying I can do so, then take it to him to fill out and sign, then drive it to a location (different from the first one) before 6 PM tomorrow), you can get to your polling location and vote before the polls close tomorrow night.
- E

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