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       Drinking wine out of a mug, ignoring the phone, and falling into a Death Cab for Cutie spiral, I realize I've reached a low point. At least it's comfortable here. 
       When you're feeling low (but not too low because DCfC spirals can go pretty deep), no one can supply a better soundtrack for your emotions than a heavy dose of Death Cab for Cutie. While You Can Play These Songs With Chords and Transatlanticism are classics (and super depressing), and Codes and Keys shows off the bands latest and maturing style, Narrow Stairs is their best. Just listen to that on repeat and wallow in your self-pity, because tomorrow will come all too soon. Click this link to listen to all the songs on the album if you don't already have it in your music library.
       "Cath..." Death Cab for Cutie
- E

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