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Wrecking Ball

       Hearing a good song that was released the same day as a terribly uncomfortable VMA performance makes me legitimately angry; Miley Cyrus' manager has to be fucking insane. You have a great single that would be comparable to last night's "Same Love" performance (okay, that's reaching a bit because that was amazing; comparable to last night's Katy Perry performance, at least) and instead she trots out that mess of a production with a fucking bear themed onesie and awkward foam finger usage (when the fuck was it decided that mimicking jacking off with a foam finger would be O.K. on a nationally televised awards show?). Rather than performing a great song that would show off her skills as an actual competitive artist in today's marketplace, Cyrus gives a performance that leaves everyone uncomfortable with its heavy reliance on 'shock value' in a sad attempt to gain publicity for her upcoming album and falls short. 
       It's an infuriating waste of talent when Cyrus has the chance to showcase a mature piece of work and to finally be taken seriously and instead chooses to act like a desperate child star, flailing about and achieving nothing (unless you can accept the negative publicity for her regularly volatile actions as an achievement). She needs to calm down, get her shit together, and perform good music; until then, people will not cease their comparisons to her Hannah Montana days.
       Regardless of last night's sad attempt at trying to prove her 'maturity', Cyrus' latest single is actually kind of great, and I can only hope that more of her music continues to mirror this mature sound and that she can leave behind her "Can't Be Tamed"/ "We Can't Stop" days in lieu of good lyrics, gorgeously supportive instrumentation, and nice (natural) vocals.
"Wrecking Ball" Miley Cyrus
- E

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