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Past Year's Bands to Watch

       As the blog comes upon it's first full year of publication, I'm stuck between feeling sad that I have spent so much time over the past year hanging out on a computer and proud that I've actually made it through a year like this without missing too many posts. In the past few months, the blog has also grown to include a few more sites, aside from the original Gmail and YouTube, to include Twitter, Google+, and Myspace (though I'm not great at using the last two; I'm more comfortable with Facebook, though I can't use that confidently as a magazine has dubbed themselves 'The Music Rag'. The hell? I spent two weeks looking for a name no one else had used. I just. I'm so. Ugh. People. Fucking Australia.).. I honestly have no clue where I was before my rant..
       Check out the websites (click on the links in the lower left hand corner of the blog [under 'contact me'] or here: Myspace, Google+, Twitter, YouTube) and listen to a playlist composed, solely, of this past year's 'bands to watch'. All of the music is awesome and all the bands have a sound with the ability to stand out in the business (I wouldn't promote them if they didn't).
- E

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