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"Vienna" and others

       Billy Joel is absolutely the most amazing artist. Personally, I believe he's better than The Beatles; his songs are more provocative, the lyrics are not cutesy and made easy to sing along with, each song carries its own personal sentiment/story, and his compositions are so much more intricate, yet he still found radio play and long lasting fame because his music is just so completely perfect.
       His are the only records for which I will overpay to get on vinyl and this is the only time I've ever spent over forty dollars on a concert, and I am so excited for his Florida dates in January (seriously, when I read this article it's the first time, and last time, that I will have ever fangirled). 
       Listen to all of his music because it's gorgeous and perfect and go see him live, because it's Billy Joel on tour and you should see him live (I've been jealous of my dad since I was six and learned that he had seen Joel live; I couldn't care less about Christmas, I just want January to be here).
       I'm just going to make you listen to Billy Joel all day. I'm just super fucking excited for this.
"Vienna" Billy Joel (the best song. Ever. And the story behind it is really great actually)
"Tell Her About It" 
And, of course, "Piano Man"
- E

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