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Take Yours, I'll Take Mine

       With pure vocals I don't want to stop listening to, an instrumentation which could easily stand on its own, and adorable lyrics I can't help but sing along to, Matthew Mole has created one of the most addictive songs I've heard all year; I can't stop hitting repeat (and it's starting to get a little ridiculous).
       Every part of that instrumentation, from the beginning drum beat to the steady major melody that insists you nod your head or tap your foot, is amazing and, when those vocals chime in with those great lyric lines, I'm left wondering how it's possible that Matthew Mole is not yet controlling the US radio airwaves.
       "Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" is wonderfully addictive and I can't even be upset that I've spent the last twenty-four hours just listening to The Home We Built; it's gorgeous.
"Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" Matthew Mole 
- E


  1. I love this song too, hey Him Im mexican, and I´ve looked for the lyrics and I couldn find anything, could you please share this to me? I´ll be glad and happy n.n


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