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Notes Before Leaving

       I will be out of town for the next week and, unlike last time I left town during my winter break and was unencumbered by classes and worked only four days a week, I have suddenly become my managers go to employee when they need someone to work everyday (I would be angrier if payday wasn't still fresh in my mind), I have had no time to sit down and prepare a weeks worth of posts. Instead, I will continue with 'new music Monday's' and a post about Lianne La Havas (and AWOLNATION; sorry that one is so delayed) when I return.
       As I have failed at keeping this blog updated during all of my pre-trip nervousness and errand running, here are a few comments about the music I've been neglecting to keep you updated on:

  • If you can, get Kodaline's latest album High Hopes (you can't get it yet on the US iTunes store).
  • Most definitely get the full length R.E.V.O from Walk off the Earth (it's a little better than perfection).
  • If you have not already done so, get Hunter Hunted's self titled first EP (it's great and a little better than Lady Danville).
  • If you only like music that "no one" else knows about it, get over it and get into some of the songs that are taking over your radio right now; Cher Lloyd's "With Ur Love" is kind of pretty great (she's a weird mixture of Lily Allen and what can only imagine would have been a young Nicki Minaj and I kind of hate that I love her songs) and words cannot describe how addicted I am to everything Pink has done (everything from "Try" all the way back to "Get the Party Started" is just too great).

       Until then, just enjoy this incredibly long but indescribably great (to me, at least) playlist that should get me through most of the first half of the flight (only some of the songs are listed below).
"Glitter and Gold" Rebecca Ferguson
"Avenue" Scott and Brendo
"Sometimes" Walk off the Earth
"Heart Attack" Demi Lovato
"Gentle Folks" Hunter Hunted
"Don't Make A Scene" Atlas Genius
"Diane Young" Vampire Weekend
"Restless Heart" Matt Hires
"Because We Can" Bon Jovi
"Beach" San Cisco
"My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" Fall Out Boy
"Hold On" Phillip Phillips
"Outta Nowhere" Pitbull
"The River of Dreams" Billy Joel
"Mr. Brightside" The Killers
- E

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