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All The Way

       Timeflies released their latest music video for single "All The Way" from their debut full length album, After Hours, due for release April 29. 
     The video features athletes, Anastasia Ashley, Scotty Stephens, and Mark Reininga and stays just as upbeat and energetic as the song itself. 
       Lyrics "first time I saw you I knew right away, made up my mind you would be mine someday", "I know you hold back but just let it go, 'cause I just won't stand to watch you walk alone", and a chorus which states "when I love someone, I'm loving all the way, you know I'm the one to take you all the way" are adorable and fall perfectly in line with a beat which is far too addictive to not get caught up in and a melody that will be circling your head all week. 
"All The Way" Timeflies
- E

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