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Like Always

       Richard Tyler Epperson gives listeners a modern take on the folk genre with his track "Like Always". The track features a steady rhythm, insistent piano melody, and solid folk chords supported by just enough of an electronic presence that it keeps it interesting and makes it undeniably catchy. 
       The music is gorgeous and lyrics which state "'cause dreams they are only what you make of them, so why don't you stop your lies, there ain't no need to pretend, that you're alive" and "like a man ridden with his shame, I feel I'll never ever be the same, oh like always, I'll always be insane" will leave you wanting to listen to the track on repeat so pre-order the forthcoming album, Hourglass, from Bandcamp now and get an immediate download of his first album, Falling Between the Stars, so that you can keep listening to great tracks like this one. 
"Like Always" Richard Tyler Epperson
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