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Hard As Hello

       Kimberly Anne's lead single off her forthcoming EP, Hard As Hello, set for release March 24, has a steady rhythm and a soft melody that are wonderfully addictive and they're only made better by her amazing lyrics. 
       Bastille remixed the track and somehow made sanguine lines like "when I'm watching the tragedy, as you choose her over me, and it's that cinematic walk away scene, where I'll be fine", "so I'll pan out as you zoom in, to the qualities that I'm lacking, and I'll find me some thicker skin, to get me by" and the recurring "feet don't fail me now, I'm feeling stronger than this, I'm as hard as hell" feel haunted, yet more direct than before. The remix features vocals and production from Bastille and that mixture of Anne's honest lyrics and indie pop track mixed with Bastille's heavy beats and techno influences is fantastic. 
       Check out the original track here, head to the websites to find out more about Kimberly Anne and her music, and get both the original and the remix on Hard As Hello March 24.
"Hard As Hello" Kimberly Anne (Bastille Remix)
- E

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