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Hot in Herre

       Nelly's 2002 hit began playing on a San Francisco radio station at 3 PM Friday and will continue to play until 5 PM (PDT) today (that's seventy-four straight hours of that ridiculously alluring intro and "good gracious, ass is bodacious"). It's a branding strategy/promotional stunt on the station's part as it makes its move from Latino Mix 105.7 to Hot 105.7 and is probably the best promotional stunt any radio station has pulled off, because a weekend full of the Nelly track you grew up with is surprisingly fantastic. 
       "Hot in Herre" does not actually get old; you'll get tired of it at times, but it always comes back around. There was a time around mid-day Saturday when I questioned why I really needed to be there to hear the end of the stunt and whether or not I could take another three minutes and fifty-one seconds of "mix a little bit of uh, uh, with a little bit of uh, uh", but Sunday afternoon I found that it really is the best workout song and by Monday morning I was back to playing it at full volume in the shower and wishing this Nelly stunt would never end. All good things have to come to an end though, or else nothing would be special, so make sure to check out the station in all of its repetitive greatness before the loop comes to an end at 5 PM PDT today.
"Hot in Herre" Nelly
- E

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