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These Times

       It is SafetySuit Saturday and, as I have gone through all of their previously released tracks and the band has been on an apparent social media hiatus since January, I'm going to bring back one of their great tracks that I haven't mentioned in a while. 
       The video is truly fantastic (put together with the help of their fans), the song's composition is just as moving as ever, but soft enough to give Brown's vocals the spotlight, and every lyric line from the opening "these times will try hard to define me, and I'll try to hold my head up high, but I've seen despair here from the inside, and it's got a one track mind" to the last repetition of "these times are hard, but they will pass" is perfect.
       Check out "These Times" below and get the band's EP and two previously released albums from iTunes, as well as the single from their forthcoming third album, "On Your Side".
"These Times" SafetySuit
- E

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