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Be Careful

       Lyon Apprentice's "Be Careful" from their debut EP, Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free, has a refreshingly full composition, warm vocals, and lyrics which make the track so easy to fall for. 
       The slightly discordant and echoing piano at the beginning gives way to comfortingly steady chords and a gorgeous melody that's pushed forward by an urgent rhythm and fantastic lyrics like "hold my hand, like it is cold, like it's worth melting" and "there's no way of knowing what.. comes your way, but I'll keep trying".
       The track is fantastic enough that I'm tempted to start throwing around superlatives in an effort to adequately describe this superb composition and great lyrics; it's sweet and melancholy with rich vocals and unabashedly honest lyrics that support an amazing piano melody and I can't get enough of these brother's tracks. Get the EP from iTunes now and head to the websites to find out more about the band.  
"Be Careful" Lyon Apprentice
- E 

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