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Knock You Out

       Bingo Players' single, "Knock You Out", features the duo's signature heavy synth lines with a decidedly fun rhythm and gorgeously strong vocals. The track was one of the songs Baümer worked on with Hoogstraten before his passing and was debuted at the Remembrance Festival during Miami Music Week, with a portion of the concert's proceeds going to the Dutch Cancer and American Cancer Societies in Paul's honor.
       Lyrics like "you pick on the weak, your twisted tongue speaks all the fears you hide, the fear inside", "and the bully's best friend is the poison pen, but you can't touch me... you try to phase me but I get stronger every day... my power's fed by your hate" and a remarkably addictive chorus which insists "my fight is won, who needs a gun, boom, boom, knock you out, you knocked me down, but who's laughing now?" are amazingly articulate; add in the song's final crescendo into a full blown dance floor melody that forces you to move and the track could not be any better. 
       Check out the incredible single below and grab it from Beatport now (or from iTunes on May 13th).
"Knock You Out" Bingo Players
Bingo Players
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