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We've Got Love

       I'm a sucker for songs with happy melodies and unrelentingly honest lyrics and Calan Mai's (stage name of Jordan Lawrence) "We've Got Love" is the first track, in a long while, which I've heard that perfectly captures that oh so gorgeous fusion of sound. 
       There is no way to better describe the song than to let it speak for itself, and a verse which states, "well ma's been helping patients but she's running out of patience, 'cause she's waiting for the big one, the one who might just ring to say, 'I'm sorry that I messed up and I know that it's been years', but so far dad don't call / well dad's been turning coins and turning something into nothing, but sometimes that machine it lights up all exciting, and that ding ding ding reminds him of that happy feeling coming, that the night is good for now / but dad's got love... and ma's got love... and me I just hope it's enough" does so eloquently. Mai manages to state harsh facts while still remaining, if slightly doubtful, optimistic, with the track closing out on "I hope it is enough that they've got love... and I've got love... I just hope it's enough".
       This track is completely refreshing and kind of superbly amazing, so head to the sites below and check back for new music, because you're going to enjoy being addicted to this. 
"We've Got Love" Calan Mai
- E

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