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Summer Playlist 1

       After presentations, finals, all the horrible events of this past year, and finally getting over my stigma of "I'm fucking pretty and guys should just ask me out themselves" then realizing that stigma was there for a reason (though it was a whole hell of a lot easier than I thought it would be to ask someone out and now there are no lingering "what if's"; only a slightly bruised ego), I am more than ready for five days worth of music to start my summer. 
       So here's to rolling your windows down and setting off on your first road trip of the summer (preferably to a beach destination).
"Love Like This" Kodaline
"Recovery" Frank Turner
"Heart Attack" Demi Lovato
"Brave" Sara Bareilles
"Can't Hold Us" Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
"With Ur Love" Cher Lloyd
"Say Say" Youngblood Hawke 
"Money Tree" Walk Off the Earth
"Chloe" Grouplove
"Mercy" Matt Nathanson
"So Good" B.o.B
"Kelsey" Metro Station
"Fall Down" featuring Miley Cyrus
"Hurricane" Bridgit Mendler
"I Love It" Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX
"I Choose U" Timeflies
"Party, Fun, Love and Radio" We The Kings
"Gentle Folks" Hunter Hunted
"Anna Sun" Walk the Moon
"Mighty Fine" Flora Cash
       If you live in Florida (or a neighboring state [or you just really like to drive/fly]) don't forget to check out SunFest because this year's line up is pretty great. 
- E    

Kodaline Update

       Kodaline's music video for "Love Like This" came out this morning and it's almost as amazing as the song itself (and I cannot emphasize enough how great I find the song to be).
       Their Love Like This EP is in the works and, while you currently cannot pre-order it in the US, you can still listen to this song on repeat.
"Love Like This" Kodaline
- E


Love Like This

       I have yet to find anything bad to say about Kodaline's work and this latest single has me convinced that I never will. With an upbeat tone, lyrics that manage to be both adorable and a little heartbreaking, and the band's always amazing ability to capture every emotion you have felt, this song manages to show, again, just how truly talented Kodaline is; the band's lyrics and music are always amazing and I can never get enough.
       Their album, In a Perfect World, will be released June 2013 (and will be amazing). If you have not listened to or bought any of their music, start now, because these guys are great.
"Love Like This" Kodaline 
"High Hopes"
- E


Plain Sailing Weather

       If you're like me and you just totally bombed your last presentation before finals because you're just awful at public speaking (no matter how much you assure yourself it's no big deal) then you can calm down with me and some Frank Turner (I'm pretty positive I love him; and rocking out to his music keeps my mind off what I probably looked like when my head started sweating during my speech...).
- E



       I am more than ready for summer to get here already and this month's playlist (and the songs recently released by these artists) reflect that pretty well. With all these great artists vying for attention this month, it's hard to choose which albums to get if you're on a budget, but I would most recommend Frank Turner's Tape Deck Heart and Phoenix's Entertainment, and Sara Bareilles' latest single is kind of amazing (and all of Cyrus' collaborations have been great lately).
"I Love It" Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX
"Recovery" Frank Turner
"Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" Snoop Lion featuring Miley Cyrus
"I Choose U" Timeflies
"Just Keep Breathing" We The Kings
"Moth in the Porchlight" Folly & the Hunter
"Sacrilege" Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Diane Young" Vampire Weekend
"Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night" The Fratellis
"Fall Down" featuring Miley Cyrus
"Entertainment" Phoenix
"Say Say" Youngblood Hawke
"Brave" Sara Bareilles
- E

Music for Marriage Equality

       Are you tired of the debate over DOMA yet, because I know I am (if you don't know what it is, the Defense Of Marriage Act was signed into law in 1996 as a federal law which stated that a marriage would only be recognized if it was between a man and a woman and which placed restrictions on federal marriage benefits; in a same-sex relationship, you do not receive the same rights married couples are granted [shared health insurance, your spouses employment benefits, joint tax returns, immigration (you cannot sponsor your spouse for a green card), and in same-sex marriage to a military personnel, their spouse is not granted the same access to post, legal counseling, or housing as opposite sex marriage spouses are]). Currently, even though your same sex marriage may be recognized in your state (if you live in Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Washington, or the District of Columbia [Rhode Island does recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states and California conditionally recognizes same-sex marriages]) it is still not recognized at a federal level (you can be married in your state but, in the eyes of the federal law, you're not married). Basically, it's an outdated law and it's ridiculous that we're still screwing around with it (ridiculous laws get overturned all the time. Less than fifty years ago, interracial marriages were illegal; you don't want to be on the ignorant side of history).
       Regardless of your personal beliefs, it's silly that I was born with the right to marry some man I haven't met yet while my best friend has to fight against the prejudice and laws made by people who know nothing about how great of a person she is, just so that one day she might have the right to marry the woman she loves.
       Before I get too far off the informational path and delving into my personal opinions, let me just jump into the part that makes this post justifiable on a music blog. Artists have been putting out great videos lately and I can't get enough; here are some of the best.
       Todrick Hall's "Cinderfella" is just fun (centering on the idea of a happily ever after in a traditionally heterosexual environment [Disney fairy-tales]).
       Darren Criss always puts on a good show and his performance at this year's GLAAD Awards was no exception.
       Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' "Same Love" (featuring Mary Lambert) may be my favorite of these videos; even though Todrick Hall is terribly gorgeous and Darren Criss has an amazing voice I just can't get enough of this amazing beat and these beautiful lyrics.
- E


"Wasting My Young Years"

       London Grammar seamlessly releases one amazing song after another and their latest single is no exception. Check out "Wasting My Young Years" and, if you haven't done so already, start falling for London Grammar now.
"Wasting My Young Years" London Grammar
- E


Ashtrays and Heartbreaks

       This song has been circling around my head for the past few days; partly because I have a not so secret love of Miley Cyrus (and am so excited to see what she has in store for us after spending so much time in the studio and putting out such a great collaboration), but mostly because Snoop Lion is just so good at what he does (laying down a great track with a good hook, a great beat, and amazing lyrics [plus, Snoop Lion just sounds better than Snoop Dogg, to me]). Get hooked on this song now and make sure to get his latest album, Reincarnated, out April 23rd.
       "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" Snoop Lion featuring Miley Cyrus
- E


Album Releases- April 2013

       We are only a week into April and have already had some great album releases; The Band Perry released their sophomore album, Pioneer, on April 2nd with singles "Better Dig Two" and "DONE" already having broken into the top 25 (with the former reaching number one) on Billboard's Hot Country list, while Cold War Kids' Dear Miss Lonelyhearts leaves the average indie rock formula in lieu of their original sound that first made us fall for them, and The Dear Hunter's Migrant proves that this band (and songwriter Casey Crescenzo, especially) is only becoming more proficient at creating beautiful melodies that sync up with even better lyrics with each album they release. While each of these albums was more amazing than the last, there are plenty of album releases left to look forward to this month. 
April 9
   Paramore- Paramore
April 16
   Folly & The Hunter- Tragic Care
   Art Brut- Top of the Pops (a two disc 'best of' album)
   Fall Out Boy- Save Rock and Roll
   Olly Murs- Right Place, Right Time
   Iron & Wine- Ghost On Ghost
   The Flaming Lips- The Terror
   The Airborne Toxic Event- Such Hot Blood
   Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Mosquito
April 23
   Frank Turner- Tape Deck Heart
   Phoenix- Bankrupt!
   Kid Cudi- Indicud
   Snoop Lion- Reincarnated
   The Veils- Time Stays, We Go #willpower
   Young Galaxy- Ultramarine
April 29
   Guided by Voices- English Little League
April 30
   Iggy and The Stooges- Ready to Die
   Sharks- Selfhood
       All of these artists are so great that it's hard to decide which album I am most excited for; while Iron & Wine, Fall Out Boy, Frank Turner, and Phoenix always manage to give us great music, I am excited to see what The Veils, Folly & The Hunter, Young Galaxy, and Sharks have to offer as the bands continue to establish themselves and I really love the music and collaboration choices coming out of Snoop Lion's most recent work.
- E

Just Keep Breathing

       We The Kings is always great and their latest single is no exception. "Just Keep Breathing" only further convinces me that We The Kings will never be anything less than great, that their next album is going to be amazing, and that this song will be at the top of all of my summer playlists.
       Support We The Kings by buying their latest single on iTunes.
- E