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       Get "On Your Side" December 3.
"Believe" SafetySuit
- E

Someone Like You

        It's SafetySuit Saturday, again, which means that you get to listen to awesomely addictive tracks from a great band. 
       Check out "Someone Like You" off their first album, Life Left to Go, get their albums and EP on iTunes and make sure to grab "On Your Side" (the first single from their third album) on December 3.
"Someone Like You" SafetySuit
- E


You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

     I can't even begin to fathom how this year's customers were more insane than years' past, but holy fuck there are awful people. People suck. 
      If you just got off any Black Friday shift longer than eight hours, turn this up, all the way, because it really does help (plus, The Offspring is one of few bands who sound even better live, and that just makes their music so much better).
"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" The Offspring
- E


World on Fire

         Moshav released their new music video for "World on Fire" today and it's fantastic. 
       The video follows a $20 bill being passed from person to person, each with their own hardships, ending with the moral that 'the best things in life can't be bought'. It's sweet and adorable and I kind of love it (and working retail has me hoping that maybe people calm down and realize this before trampling each other on Black Friday [or at least, just, please do not rub your noses on the windows I spent half an hour cleaning tonight. Please]).
       "World on Fire" is the lead single from the band's new album New Sun Rising and, with a catchy chorus, sweet lyrics, and a melody that's stuck in my head after only two listens, it's amazing.
"World on Fire" Moshav featuring Matisyahu
- E

Say My Name

         Paper Route covered Destiny Child's "Say My Name"; they're amazing.
       Their latest album, Peace of Wild Things, was probably the best album to come out of 2012 and I've been craving something new from these guys, so make sure to check out their amazing cover in the video below then head to iTunes or cdbaby to purchase the track and check out the links below to further support the band.
"Say My Name" Paper Route
- E



       You guys probably want some music today. 
       So this is all I've been listening to today in between last minute errands and trying to get my stuff in order before heading to see family. 
"The Others" Birds of Tokyo
"The Underground" Palaye Royale
"Mississippi" The Griswolds
"Mr. Polite" The Jungle Giants
"I Need Ya" Gloryhound
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" The Gods of Macho (it's not too early if it's from The Gods of Macho)
"Shiver" Avec Sans
"Twenty First" Drop the Anchor
"Counting Stars" OneRepublic
"Riot" Velociraptor
"Hurricane" Parachute
"Pull Down the Moon" Cattle & Cane 
"Holding Tokens" Marcus Blacke 
"Mercury" Slip-On Stereo
"Never One to Complain" Night Terrors of 1927
"L.A." Dean Fields
"Join the Human Race" City Rain
- E


Music Related News for NMM

       I've got to head to work and won't have time to write about any tracks until later tonight, so here's some drive-by bulleted music related news for you to keep in mind.

  • The Fray's next album, titled Helios, is officially up on iTunes for pre-order. I've already bought the album because it will, no doubt, be amazing.
  • Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend actually likes selfies, according to his latest Rolling Stone interview. He thinks it's great that you feel good enough about yourself to post a picture of what you look like that day and that it's actually better than a picture of any landscape, since there are endless pictures of trees and the sky but only one you (his words, not mine). I do agree though that the youth of America gets a hard rap, especially considering that our small workforce is supporting the rather large retirement community's income.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears has a new single out, "How Could I Want More", and I can only think that I wanted more Zoey 101 but she effed that up, so I don't really feel like supporting her new song much further.
  • A Great Big World's debut full length is available for pre-order today and, now that they've gotten so much press for "Say Something" (it's gorgeous and deserves all the attention it's received), they should have more than enough support when it's released January 14.
  • Childish Gambino has a new upcoming album with two singles available for download with your pre-order and I love it (because who doesn't love Donald Glover?).
  • One Direction released a deluxe version of their last album, Midnight Memories, with such thought provoking hits as "Best Song Ever" and other hits I haven't bothered to find out about. In other '1D' news, apparently Saturday was '1D Day'; I thought it was Doctor Who's 50th anniversary but, to each their own obsession.
  • Cattle and Cane released their music video for "Pull Down the Moon" and it's adorable.
  • Pitbull released his latest EP, Meltdown; I think he needs help being more creative with his album titles since they've been following the same theme for years now.
  • Justin Bieber keeps coming out with hits and I keep wondering how people find a super femme blonde guy so attractive
  • Colbie Caillat came out with a single iTunes says is new: "Hold On".
  • Bruce Springsteen's High Hopes album is available for pre-order.
  • And, last but certainly not least, Makana came out with music I actually really like. Way to make me fall for your folksy music Makana; I love it. Buy Ripe on iTunes now.
"New Love Song" Makana

- E

A Million Shining Colours

       Simian Ghost's first single since last year's Autumn Slowmo EP features retrospective lyrics, a gorgeous composition, and an opening line which will suck you in immediately with the repetition of "I have wasted all of my time".
       The song's composition is fantastic (it will get stuck in your head with incredible ease) and lyrics which lead vocalist, Sebastian, explains talk "about that feeling I think many people working with music or art in any form gets sometimes, that it's a bit hopeless what you're doing. It's about coming to terms with that, to be able to look at yourself and what you burn for in life, in all it's hopelessness, and smile" are amazing.
       The band's third album, The Veil, is set for release in 2014, so listen to the song below and check out the websites to stay up to date with the band.
"A Million Shining Colours" Simian Ghost
- E

Two Tone Monster

      Their sound reminds me of Reel Big Fish, except better, because I actually like it (that's not fair; Reel Big Fish puts on a good live show, but this is legitimately good). 
      Umbrella Bed has fun compositions and lyrics and I can't stop listening to their tracks. 
      Their latest EP, Refill, is available on iTunes now and every track on there is just as great as this one, so make sure to grab your copy.
      Watch the video for "Two Tone Monster" below, head to the sites to support the band, and pick up Refill.
"Two Tone Monster" Umbrella Bed
- E

Fade Away

       Nikhil Korula's "Fade Away" from his Solo Sessions EP could not be more enticing. With a blend of rock, reggae, and calypso styles, an upbeat video (made with help from Flash Mob America), a melody that refuses to stay out of your head (and which features Dave Matthews Band's Butch Taylor on keys), Korula's fantastically strong vocals, and great lyrics ("I keep on holding on, to all the colors you painted in my world, unlocking endless thoughts, that melted through my dream of you"/"life can be a test of blind faith, when we're wading in a sea of doubt, I've watched you struggle in your silence, to find the lonely voice of reason, I hear your whisper, but cannot follow, while the door to your heart is closed"), I've been listening to this song on repeat all morning. 
        Check out the video below and head to the linked sites to support the artist.
"Fade Away" Nikhil Korula
- E

Better Luck

       Bree De Rome's Bag of Bones EP is gorgeous and well worth a full listen, but her track "Better Luck", with its underlying early-sixties-esque rock rhythm that carries on beneath her soft vocals and an addictive melody, is fantastic. 
       Watch her video for "Better Luck" below and listen to the full album here, then head to iTunes to get her Bag of Bones EP.
"Better Luck" Bree De Rome
- E


       Since forming in 2010, Galapogos has released one full-length, twenty-two EP's, and they're still hard at work with their next full-length set to be released December 6 of this year. 
      Listen to a track from their upcoming album, Feel or Suffer, and check out the links below for more on the band.
"Lisbon" Galapogos
- E



        The song's just great and Ferguson's voice is always gorgeous. 
       There will be a lot of new music coming your way tomorrow so make sure to check back for amazing songs from some great bands.
"Backtrack" Rebecca Ferguson
- E

Follow My Feet

       The Unlikely Candidates should have had more exposure by now. Every song on their Follow My Feet EP was amazing, the lyrics are articulate, their sound is already well constructed and doesn't need any more time to mature, and the vocals are so very great.
       The band came out with an official music video for their single "Follow My Feet" a month or so ago and it really only makes me like the band more.
       Check out the video, get their Follow My Feet EP from iTunes, Amazon, or the band's website (and check out "Home", "Just Breathe", and every song on there), and head to the websites below to support the band. 
"Follow My Feet" The Unlikely Candidates
- E


       Scars on 45 has been greatly overlooked and deserves more attention for their folk/alternative rock tracks. 
       Check out the track below and head to iTunes to look at other singles, EPs, and an album from the band.
"Breakdown" Scars on 45
- E



      I love this song because his response of "don't you worry about it. It's none of your business. I know exactly what I'm doing" is the best way to answer any of your family member's questions during the holidays. If I can make it through Thanksgiving without anyone asking me about my grades, or next semester's schedule, or when I plan on graduating, or if I'm in a 'serious' relationship, or when I plan on getting a 'real' job, I'll be good. 
      Oh, Thanksgiving, thanks for reminding me why I only talk to these people once a year and why Christmas is strictly an immediate family event.
       Scott & Brendo have awesome songs though; the melodies and rhythm never get old and the lyrics are always fun. Get their latest album, And Away We Go, on iTunes now, because it's been almost a year and I'm still not tired of listening to these songs when I need something fun. Check out  "Synthia", "Little Voices", "Somewhere", "Northwest", "The Chosen" (watch the video), and, of course, "Kitten Air" (it is just as fantastic as it sounds).
"Avenue" Scott & Brendo
- E


       It's sad with lyrics "say that I'm the only one and I'll never leave you", "I hope that you aren't thinking of us, like something you could never love, the last day the last way you looked at me, the last word the last thought you ever speak, I hope that you don't ever leave me, hopelessly thinkin'", but the bridge is amazing and the song is kind of great in its entirety.
     The track comes from the band's These Times album; make sure to grab your copy on iTunes if you don't already have it because every song on the album is great (get all the albums from the band while you're there; it's two full lengths and one EP so it won't cost a lot and it will be worth it to have their music).
"Stranger" SafetySuit
- E

Anywhere But Here

        It's SafetySuit Saturday again except that this week there's actually an update on their work. The release date for their "On Your Side" single is set for a December 3rd release now (though it was previously set for an October release so I'm not going to hang too much hope on that announcement).
      The composition is, as always, awesome, the lyrics are great, and though it does veer a little towards too overly cheesy for me at times, it's still good.
"Anywhere But Here" SafetySuit
- E



       That soulful melody (it's a perfect mix of rock and blues) with those fantastic lyrics ("and I'm the only one who ever believed in you, I always saw you through the toughest of times, that's my style. You were broke, you were tired, you were cold, you were living the life and, and I'll be with you 'til the end", "hello, am I coming in clear girl, take a look in the mirror, I know you don't like what you see, slip away, slip away, for a moment not a day, it's alright child", and that entire chorus) and those rich vocals (oh, those vocals) have me addicted to every song from this band.
       Watch the music video for "Criminal" below and get their last album, City of Sound, from their website (link below) or iTunes now.
"Criminal" The Revivalists
- E


       I wish I didn't have to wait until January to share my interview with Maggie McClure with you guys because she's super nice and her down to Earth nature only makes her music that much better.
       Basically, all you need to know right now (because it's all I can really share) is that her music is great. The compositions are put together beautifully, the lyrics are thought out and read honestly, and this track in particular should just make you happy. It's short and sweet, so listen to it on repeat.
       Her upcoming album, Time Moves On, will be released in February and I can tell you, for sure, that you're going to want to get your copy as soon as it drops, because her music continues to evolve and it just keeps getting better with each new album.
       Check out the artist in the links below and support her by buying the songs you like on iTunes (if you don't know which to go for, I would suggest "Out of My Mind", "Believe", or "Everything We Don't Say").
"Sunshine" Maggie McClure
- E

Item No. 9

       All I can really remember from the guy who tried to make me like hardcore is that there is a lot of screaming (and not good rock yelling but straight up screaming) and I just can't get into it. 
       That being said, the lyrics are good, the composition is actually really great and, if I can like it while not being a fan of the genre (at all), then it's good. 
       Head to iTunes to get Neutral Ground; or at least check out a few tracks and decide whether or not it's your style. If you've been a fan for a while though, know that there is a new lead singer on this album, so listen before you buy.
"Item No. 9" Everyone Dies In Utah
- E

Who We Are

      I have a love/hate relationship with Switchfoot's music because I feel like they hold back and restrain themselves a lot (in regards to their tracks [they just feel lofty]) and I wish they would just let go and go full out with their lyrics and compositions (as they did in their earlier albums), but the vocals and lyrics are still great and I'm kind of excited for their new album to be released in January.
       Head to iTunes and get the few songs you can from the upcoming album, Fading West, and pre-order the whole thing if you're a fan and you already know you'll be getting it in a few months, regardless of the sound.
"Who We Are" Switchfoot
- E


Russell Howard

       Had the chance to talk to Russell Howard for a short bit a few weeks ago about his music and his most recent album, City Heart; check out the quick interview below.

E: When did you first decide you wanted a career in performing music?
RH: Both of my parents are symphony musicians, so I started on violin in second grade. Playing classical music never really inspired me, but it was excellent training and made music-making an everyday activity. I got my hands on a ukulele in high school and, for the first time, had the ability to create music from the ground up, not just play what was on the page. I switched to guitar soon thereafter and just kept writing. I played a lot of gigs in college and, by the time graduation rolled around, I knew I couldn't not go for it.

E: "Home Sweet Home" is the most popular single from City Heart and it carries personal lyrics with ease; where did the inspiration for the song come from?
RH: "Home Sweet Home" was an accident, really. I was up all night working on a demo of "You, Me & Someday" and I took a break to watch some musical guests on old Letterman episodes. I was kind of half heartedly playing along on an out of tune guitar and this two chord simple song just kind of poured out of me. It was a true story that was in motion but hadn't happened yet. I wrote it in May and, as it says in the song - "she moved there last September". By the time we recorded it, the timeline had worked itself out.

E: Which song from City Heart are you most proud of? Your favorite song from any of your albums? Care to explain the inspiration behind those?
RH: I think the acoustic version of "Won't Get to Sleep" might be my favorite. When we recorded the original version we tried to put harmonies on it, but it ended up sounding very, very country - and not in a good way - so we just left them off. On the acoustic version we tried again and nailed it, so I love hearing that song. As far as my old record, I love "Time and Trouble" and "Anna's Waltz" as songs, but the performances, tempos, arrangements, etc. are all wanting. These two are on the table for my next record because they deserve another look now that I know what I'm doing!

E: What's something you want your listeners to take away from your music?
RH: I'm going to merge the inspiration part of the last question with the answer for this one. My songs are all either based on a true story or have grown out of an internal question or emotion in my life. They're also pretty straight forward lyrically, so there's not much mystery as to their origins. My hope is that people will connect with the music or the words and come along with me for the ride. It will either speak to you or it won't.

E: Have you started work on anything new?
RH: Oh yeah. I'm writing towards a full length debut at the moment and it's going great. I have the bones of a lot of songs, now it's time to roll up my sleeves and flesh it all out.

       Thanks to Russell Howard for agreeing to the interview; head over to iTunes to get the latest album then check out the websites below to support Russell and his music.
- E

Climbing Walls

       I just want to dance around to this song for a while. Seriously, Australia's music scene just  keeps churning out awesome bands with fantastic tracks and I can't get enough of them.
       Listen to more amazing tracks on their SoundCloud and pick up the Strange Talk EP on iTunes now.
"Climbing Walls" Strange Talk
- E

Safe to Say

       The beat's great, the melody will get stuck in your head with ease, and the lyrics are great, so check out a track from Russell Howard's City Heart, head to iTunes to get your copy, and start getting excited for an interview from the artist to show up on the site later today (maybe I'm the only one who's excited about interview's premiering on the site today.. I think it's cool).
"Safe to Say" Russell Howard
- E

I Am What You Want Me To Be

       The video's fun and every song from this band is just so damn catchy (in a good way), and I'm slowly becoming addicted to their music. 
       Check out the video below then head to their website (link below) to get their debut album, Learn to Exist, because it's kind of amazing and super fun to play at full volume.
"I Am What You Want Me To Be" The Jungle Giants
- E


       Listen to the song because it's amazing and watch the video because it's fun, then head to the websites below to support the band, because they're great. 
"Mississippi" The Griswolds
- E



      A responsible person would have written their interview questions days in advance and have blog posts prepared and ready to go in anticipation of their busy schedule, but I spent my one day off work and classes teasing my dog with a toy-less squeaker, listening to Jocelyn's and The Gods of Macho's latest EP's on repeat, and trying to prove to others that I can go one day without coffee (I can't); I don't regret my decisions, but I do think I should give you more music to listen to today.
       I keep forgetting about the monthly playlist and I am so sorry because there's a lot of great music in here. Because I'm working so hard on trying to throw together a bunch of album reviews, interviews, and band/artist features that will be showing up soon (the first interview is going to be on the site tomorrow! I'm kind of excited to 'premiere' that new segment [I've been working on it since September so it's a long time coming]), I don't really have the time to pick and choose the best songs to democratically represent all the music that has come in recently (as it is, my notebook for the blog kind of looks like an insane person got a hold of it; probably doesn't help that I really only write in red Sharpie) so this is my personal playlist from most of November. 
        Check out the tracks, buy the music from the bands you most enjoy, and I'll put up a playlist before the end of the month that features the music you definitely need to be listening to now.
"Ghost" Darling Parade
"Miss America" Jocelyn (their new Seattle Someday EP is awesome; definitely check out "Say It To Me")
"Legacy" Fefe Dobson (her music and videos are always addictive)
"We Belonged" Stoney (watch the video for something that will tear your heart out [but in an artistic way])
"Holy Infinity" GOVS
"I've Got A Friend" Sahara Beck
"L.A." Dean Fields (follow him on Twitter and get his music because it's all fantastic)
"Polaroid Picture" Frank Turner (see him live; he's amazing)
"Light of Day" The Silent Comedy (So. Good.)
"Master of Eden" Marcus Blacke (get Butterfly Black from Bandcamp or "Holding Tokens" won't be in there*)
"The Others" Birds of Tokyo
"L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N" Noah and The Whale
"Hurricane" Parachute (I can only explain my addiction by stating this his voice is gorgeous)
"Cold Stone Lips" WE ARE TWIN
"Get Higher" Palaye Royale (if I tried to define/find a favorite band again, they might be it)
"Never One to Complain" Night Terrors of 1927
"Without Me" JONES Jnr. (the only one not on YouTube; listen to it then download the song [for free])
"Out of My League" Fitz and The Tantrums (I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to see them live)
"Little Games" The Colourist
"Now" Matt & Kim (I just. They're so. This is perfection. But I've already freaked out about them before)
* It says that "Holding Tokens" is there, but it's labeled incorrectly on iTunes and Amazon and is actually "Three Times Round", so just get the album from Bandcamp if you like it.
- E

Superstar (By Myself)

       The latest video from Celleste is just as fun as the song itself and I just want to play it at full volume; the lyrics are great, the drums are awesome, and the video just makes the song that much better. 
"Superstar (By Myself)" Celleste
- E


Light of Day

       The music video is amazing, the composition is darkly gorgeous and a little ominous and I just want to keep listening to that alone, and lyrics which read "is your weak and shattered will, pouring tears down your face, is the burden of your guilt, crushing you under the weight", "with your courage wearing thin, your enemies are at the gate, and their voices screaming shrill, give it up and run away" and "oh, children lost in the night,try and do right, open your eyes, oh, children lost in the night, wait for the light of day" are superb. 
"Light of Day" The Silent Comedy
- E


Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

       I thought it was too early to start playing Christmas music, but then I heard this; nothing makes you feel better after a bad day like blasting The Gods of Macho and, now, nothing is making me more excited for Christmas than playing the new The Gods of Macho Christmas Special EP at full volume.
      The band always has great tracks, but their rock takes on these Christmas classics are fun and actually addictive and, for the first time ever, I'm actually finding joy in listening to Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. 
       I think I'm ready to bring a tree into the house and watch it slowly die while decorating cookies and watching Elf on repeat.
        Head to iTunes to get your copy of The Gods of Macho Christmas Special EP and start listening now.
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" The Gods of Macho
- E

Not Gonna Leave Her Alone

      Written, choreographed, and directed by SONNY, the single features a composition composed solely of drums, bass, guitar, and Coca-Cola bottles, creating a melody so addictive, I can't help but play it on repeat.
       Check out the video below and get the single on iTunes now.
"Not Gonna Leave Her Alone" SONNY
- E


      "Mercury" is the first single from the band's So Long Gravity EP and it's ridiculously catchy (it's been stuck in my head for the better part of a week). 
       The track's addictive and with an awesome melody, a beat which is impossible not to move along to, and with a chorus which states "these days seem shorter without you, and my nights freeze over without you, like a planet needs a sun, I need you to be my one and only" you're going to want to play it on repeat.
         Get the single on iTunes now and watch the music video below.
"Mercury" Slip-On Stereo
- E

Dust and Bones

       I briefly mentioned the release of Night Terrors of 1927's latest EP, Guilty Pleas, yesterday, but it's a must have so I'm going to shove more of their music in your face.
       I didn't say enough about "Never One to Complain" yesterday but it's an amazing song because when the instrumentation peters out shortly after "she always wanted to escape" and you're left there for a split second actually feeling a sort of freedom, before the song ends with the repetition of "what was lost can now be found, we were the lost but now we're found", I think I might love their music.
       Guilty Pleas has a sound that reminds me a bit of Imagine Dragons mixed with For the Foxes and I haven't been able to stop playing this EP on repeat. 
       It's hard not to dance along with "Dust and Bones" and with lyrics that great, I want to be singing along before I've even finished my first listen. An opening line which states "oh my darling, we have fallin', stuck at the crossroads, skull and cross bones" should get you hooked and a chorus that demands attention over that guitar riff with "the world exploding, the final moment... the clock keeps turning, the world keeps burning, it's life and death, we won't rest, til we're dust and bones" should have you playing it on repeat.
"Dust and Bones" Night Terrors of 1927
- E

Fool's Fate

       The composition is gorgeously understated (growing as the song develops without overpowering the vocals), the lyrics are fantastic ("for once I'm done hoping, I'm changing my stance, I'll give you no reason, for one more last chance", "it's too late, don't be such a fool can you push me away this time"), but all I can pay attention to are those vocals. I didn't even listen to what she was saying the first few listens, I just knew that those vocals were so flawlessly smooth and full that I just wanted to keep listening to her voice for a while.
       Dunn's video for "Fool's Fate" was recently released and it's simple, but put together gorgeously, and mirrors the emotions in the song perfectly, while holding back just enough so as not to take away from the vocals or the song itself.
       Watch the video below and get this single on iTunes now, because you don't want to miss listening to these vocals.
"Fool's Fate" Nat Dunn
- E


       Avec Sans' latest single "Shiver" was featured a few weeks ago (click here), but the newly released music video deserves a second look and the single itself needs to be played on repeat through the winter months anyways.
       The music video is carried out simply and it's understated and just strange enough that I really like it; that animation mixed in with the techno dancing, the shots of Fox and St. James, and the random lyric lines have left me watching this video multiple times over the past week. 
       You can still get the single for free, for a limited time, by heading to the band's Facebook page before the single's official release date, December 2.
        Check out the video below, download the song, then start playing it on repeat, because I know I will (and have been).
"Shiver" Avec Sans


       Pompeya's debut album Tropical was released last month and the Tropical Remix Compilation is already set for it's December 10th release. 
       With a sound that holds steady between pop and funk, their music is impossible not to dance along to and "Power" should be circling around your head all day.
       You can head to SoundCloud to decide whether you want to purchase the full album but, if you like the band and their music, buy the album, don't just stream it for free.
"Power" Pompeya



       I had to take a break from all the great music that you guys sent in and just listen to my own music for a bit. That means nothing negative in regards to your music, because I've been listening to Jocelyn, Darling Parade, and Dean Field's music for over a week and it's all amazing and Palaye Royale may be my first 'favorite' band in a while (though I really don't like making that sort of commitment to one band.. the more I talk, the more I realize why I'm alone again).
       The only reason I started this was because I love finding new bands and I've been so focused on just sharing the music that comes in that I haven't had the time to look for my own music, and that's really kind of saddening for me. Since I haven't had time to look for my own music in months, listening to my own stuff during 'time off' from writing anything this week was a bit of a palate cleanser and, now that I can almost write about songs, albums, and bands again, I can, hopefully, come back with great music for you guys to listen to this week and even include an interview with Russell Howard (and maybe even one with Melodime if I can get my act together enough to finish the formatting [you may only get one interview this week]).
       Anyways, this music pulled me out of my slump because I kind of went through a bit of something and then there was a sort of domino effect, but I'm totally pretty okay now and ready to give you more music to love. 
       If you don't feel like scrolling through the whole playlist, the songs include London Grammar's "Metal & Dust" (it came out almost a year ago but it's still so gorgeous it hurts; get their single "Strong" as iTunes' free single of the week), everything from Birds of Tokyo's Lanterns EP, some tracks from Night Terrors of 1927's Guilty Pleas, Palaye Royale's "Get Higher", WE ARE TWIN's "Cold Stone Lips", "Hurricane" from Parachute, "Ghost" and "Moth in the Porchlight" from Folly & the Hunter, Elephant Revival's "Down to the Sea", "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.", "Give A Little Love", and "Rocks and Daggers" from Noah & The Whale, and The Hush Sound's "Echo" (probably took more time to read this than to scroll through the list..).
- E

Never One To Complain

       If you still have not picked up the new Guilty Pleas EP, grab your copy on iTunes or Amazon now, because each track is amazing and I can't seem to stop replaying this and "Dust and Bones".
"Never One To Complain" Night Terrors of 1927
- E

Not A Stranger

       I hate working every day of a sales weekend during season because Northerners are mean (you're on vacation; just be nice), but it'll be worth it when I get my paycheck and listening to The Hush Sound helps.
       Last May when it came out it was the band's first single in five years and the composition and vocal harmonies are just as perfect as they had always been.
"Not A Stranger" The Hush Sound
- E


Amies Ennemies

       I took seven years of French and all I can remember is this song, how to say potato, and that my French V textbook was super racist (it does come back with surprising ease though [understanding French that is.. not racism..]).
       It's in French, obviously, but that doesn't make the song any less great. Basically, the gist of the song is that nothing stays the same and that a lot of people who you consider to be great friends will probably be strangers in a decade or so. There are really great lines like "tous nos secrets, oubliés, quelque chose a changé" (all our secrets, forgotten, something has changed), "être amies ennemies, au fil de la mélodie, être amies ennemies, on s'aime et l'aime se maudit" (be frenemies, over the melody, be frenemies, we love and love is cursed [it translates directly to 'friends enemies', but better correlates to 'frenemies' in this instance]), et "mais vingt ans plus tard, tout nous sépare, notre couer, a changé de regard" (but twenty years later, everything separates us, our hearts, changed look) and that constant piano melody that carries it through (based off the second theme of Chopin's Waltz Op. 64, Number 2 [hence the repetition of the line "Chopin play the song"]) is fantastic.
     Nâdiya's music is addictive and the reason her career has been able to last for so long is because she always comes out with something you can't help but sing along to. Check out other songs like "Roc", "Tous Ces Mots", "Tired of Being Sorry", "Si Loin De Vous", "A Mon Pére", and "Miss You" for more tracks that will get stuck in your head and go to her website (link below) to find track listings and to stay up to date with the artist.
"Amies Ennemies" Nâdiya
- E

The Moment

        I seriously love every song this band has put out and I really wish I could say they were my favorite band.
       Get their first two albums and their Hallelujah EP on iTunes before this next album is released and start falling for all of the band's music.
"The Moment" SafetySuit
- E

Life Left To Go

        This band is amazing and their lyrics never fail to be perfect. 
       Still no updates on the single that was supposed to come out last month but whose release got pushed back, but just follow the band on Twitter or like them on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news. 
"Life Left To Go" SafetySuit
- E


Lady Danville EP

       Never in my life have I been at more of a loss as to what the fuck I am going to do, but listening to this EP always helps in some way.
     The band isn't together (obviously; I've harped on that fact quite a bit) but the music and lyrics are always perfection.
Lady Danville Lady Danville EP (2007)

- E


       If you still have not picked up the Lanterns EP released by Birds of Tokyo earlier this week, head to iTunes or Amazon and grab a copy now, because every song is great. 
"Boy" Birds of Tokyo
- E


Miss America

       The lead single off Jocelyn's Seattle Someday is incredibly addictive and I haven't been able to stop playing it on repeat for the past week. 
       Lines "we could stay up all night and feel the moonlit sky, see our midnight breath as it slowly passes by, watch the morning sunrise while pretending, daylight is coming to carry us away", "I could do this all on my own, and I'm sure as hell ready to try. But why would I make things harder, when you could be by my side?", and "we were too young to fall in love, and I'm the one to blame. Now I'm none of her concern, but that's about to change" are adorable and with good vocals, an awesome guitar riff, and that fantastic drum beat, I'm addicted to the single.
       A cute chorus which states "I was just good for her. Now she's too good for me. But if I had to take a guess I would say I had a chance, because one in a million's still better than the rest" is impossible to not sing along to and you can pre-order their upcoming EPSeattle Someday (set for release November 19), on the band's website now to get more great tracks like this one.
       The band's heading out on tour at the end of this month so check dates/venues here (I'm going to head up to one of their Central Florida shows), because all of their tracks are pretty great.
"Miss America" Jocelyn
- E