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Follow My Feet

        I think there's enough room for one more New Music Monday band...
       I can't get enough of this band's sound (not surprising, as the vocals are reminiscent of Brendon Urie's and I know I've definitely mentioned my love of Panic! before) and each song is just as amazing as the last. Grab their new EP, Follow My Feet, on iTunes or Amazon now and start falling for their music.
"Follow My Feet" The Unlikely Candidates
- E

Zero To Eleven

       I love bands who can throw some brass into their compositions and, if a song has me tapping my feet or nodding my head, it's going to be played on repeat. Julian Taylor Band's latest single seamlessly blends together a jazz pulse, rock chords, full vocals, and great lyrics to create a satisfyingly scrumptious single and, when the rest of that instrumentation takes a slight step back, leaving those vocals and horn to lead the way at the two minute mark, it's absolute perfection. 
       This single has me thoroughly convinced that indie-funk is ready to make its appearance into the mainstream and I can't wait to hear what these guys come out with next.
       Make sure to check out last year's "Never Gonna Give You Up" for a single so perfect that you'll forget Rick Astley ever held reign over that phrase.
"Zero To Eleven" Julian Taylor Band
- E

Save Me Tragedy

       At first, I honestly didn't know if I fell for this latest album from A Skylit Drive because it was gorgeous or if it was only because it offered a complete palate cleanser after the horrible pop fiasco I endured before finally landing on, and settling in with, this album, Rise, available on iTunes now.
       While I know objections are always in place when a new album comes out, personally, I like the fact that the vocals aren't as high-pitched now; I almost always prefer deeper vocals over the higher pitched ones (they're more satisfying). And, truthfully, up until this guy convinced me to give metal or 'hardcore' music a try a few years ago, I never would have touched an album like this, and this is barely soft core metal. So, I understand some people's hesitations, put I want to stress that you should just give it a listen (all the way through) before deciding whether or not you like it; I think this new album is put together beautifully. 
       Check out "Just Stay" is you're not a fan of metal, listen to "Fallen" to hear something from the album that still has a bit of the higher-pitched vocals of previous albums, check out "Rise" and "I, Enemy" for solid tracks that will convince you that this latest album is great, and listen to one of my favorites from the album below; it's kind of amazing.
"Save Me Tragedy" A Skylit Drive
- E


       The more I listen to Mumiy Troll, and the more I watch their videos, the deeper I find myself falling in love with this band's sound. It's wonderfully weird with an instrumentation and attitude reminiscent of a relaxed Foxy Shazam but with lyrics and beats that scream Euro-rock and I find myself, surprisingly, wanting to hit the replay button. Plus, the band members look fun and and that always makes the music so much better. 
       Check out "Swimming With Sharks" for a fun video and a melody which will circle around your head for days and watch "Fantastica" for a video that makes the band even more likable and a song that I can't stop playing on repeat (and make sure to check out the lyrics, because they're great). 
"Fantastica" Mumiy Troll
- E


Take Me Dancing

       If, for whatever reason, you still have not subscribed to the popular belief that The Maine is amazing, do so now. Their music continually matures with gorgeous results and, every time the band releases an album, it's a whole new level of perfection. 
       Their latest album, Forever Halloween, was released in June and is available for your consumption on iTunes and Amazon; get it (and every other album they've released; "Take Me Dancing" is featured on Pioneer).
"Take Me Dancing" The Maine
- E


Keep Me Posted

       Everyone around me is getting engaged or having responsible, long-term relationships with nice, stable guys and I'm still walking around like "that guy's hot. I wonder what he looks like without his shirt...".
"Keep Me Posted (Crazy to be Married)" Lee Anna Culp
- E

These Times

       After releasing These Times in January 2012 and their Hallelujah EP in August 2012, SafetySuit is already hard at work on their next album which they have stated they want to have ready for release by the end of 2013. I may be a little overly excited for SafetySuit's next album because they're really awesome (and their music is adorable and wonderful and they never put out a subpar track), so I'll just put their music out on the blog on weekends until their third studio album is released.
       "These Times" got into the US Adult Top 40 after its release (the album itself hit number one on the US Top Digital Album charts) and a rough clip of one of their new songs, set for release on their third studio album, was leaked, and it's gorgeous (click here to listen to the new song clip).
"These Times" SafetySuit
- E



       If there's one good thing about having both a ruptured disc and a hyper-extended knee (aside from the super hilarious jokes about how I should be locked in a cushioned room [really guys, it's still so original...]) it's that I'm stuck on a couch with no work or outside activities; i.e. I have plenty of extra time to get back on track with the blog and to work on bringing you guys an awesome new segment that I've had in the works (without the free-time to carry it out) for a little while now. 
       Until that's up and ready though, chill out with this playlist, because there was so much new music this month that I think two playlists are needed to feature all the great music. And, unlike some of the other playlists which feature songs only in the spirit of getting it out there, most of this comes from my personal playlist and I have to play every song a minimum of two times before I can move on; they're all pretty awesome. 
"Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" Matthew Mole (I'm addicted)
"Hopeless Wanderer" Flora Cash (a cover, but still utterly gorgeous)
"2+2=5, You Suck" The Saving Pointe (it's the first song I heard from these guys and now I'm hooked)
"Down to the Sea" Elephant Revival (their albums should be in your music library by now; too beautiful to ignore)
"Roar" Katy Perry (I don't even care; I love it)
"Waiting On Cinderella" Robinson (I can't stop playing this on repeat)
"Lost Track of Time" MTNS (hypnotic, addictive, and gorgeous)
"Man Overboard" Seasick Mama (why is this not yet famous?)
"House On Fire" Black Taxi (this too?)
"Hurricane" Katey Laurel (click this to hear a clear recording because the instrumentation's perfect)
"It's Not Too Late" Mansions on the Moon (good indie-techno is so refreshing)
"Break Free" Sultanov (who knew Russia could compete with Canada for the best indie-rock sound?)
"Slaver" Pompeya (it just gets better with each listen)
"Wrecking Ball" Miley Cyrus (yes, I still support her, wholeheartedly) 
"This Game Is Over" Alejandro Sanz featuring Jamie Foxx & Emeli Sande ('s Jamie Foxx)
       Everything that has been released this month or which I have received is more than amazing and I get so excited every time I check my inbox now. Keep it up and, if you've been thinking about sending in music and haven't done so yet, do it now (the timing's perfect because I literally cannot run away from it); I'd love to talk with you.


Hopeless Wanderer

       Flora Cash has a new video out (a cover of Mumford & Sons' "Hopeless Wanderer") and it sounds just as gorgeous as I've come to expect from the twosome. Their music is flawless, with soft chords and wandering melodies that leave you anxiously awaiting the next line and vocal harmonies that never fail to make me smile; every time they put out a new video, I'm reminded of how completely wonderful they are, and this video is no exception. 
       Flora Cash is probably the only band who can sufficiently cover Mumford & Sons without making a fool of themselves and, honestly, I may like this cover more than the original (though that sounds a little sacrilegious, even to me). Regardless, Flora Cash did a beautiful job with the song and I can't stop playing it on repeat. 
       Plus, the video's adorable, as always, and leaves me perpetually rooting for this band's success; you can't not like them and their music (unless you're heartless and tone-deaf).
       Check the band out in the links below and, if you still have not picked up your copy of Made It For You, do so now, because it's indie folk-pop perfection.
- E

Break Free

       With a steady beat and a fun ('90's-esque grunge) melody that circles around your head, before becoming lodged in your thoughts for days, Sultanov's "Break Free" had to be given a spot on new music Monday.
       With awesome lyrics (pleading to "break free" when you feel like you're "going under"), a great beat to dance around to, and a hook that insists on making the song that much better with it's mere (unobtrusively laid-back) existence, I can't stop playing this song on repeat.  
"Break Free" Sultanov
- E


Waiting On Cinderella

       With an awesome piano melody, a ridiculously catchy hook, and adorable lyrics throughout, I haven't been able to get this song out of my head all week.
       Check out Robinson's Willamina Machine and click on the links below to find out more about this artist. 
"Waiting On Cinderella" Robinson
- E


Take Yours, I'll Take Mine

       With pure vocals I don't want to stop listening to, an instrumentation which could easily stand on its own, and adorable lyrics I can't help but sing along to, Matthew Mole has created one of the most addictive songs I've heard all year; I can't stop hitting repeat (and it's starting to get a little ridiculous).
       Every part of that instrumentation, from the beginning drum beat to the steady major melody that insists you nod your head or tap your foot, is amazing and, when those vocals chime in with those great lyric lines, I'm left wondering how it's possible that Matthew Mole is not yet controlling the US radio airwaves.
       "Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" is wonderfully addictive and I can't even be upset that I've spent the last twenty-four hours just listening to The Home We Built; it's gorgeous.
"Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" Matthew Mole 
- E


2+2=5, You Suck

       The Saving Pointe's latest single (off their upcoming full length album, available this November) was recently released and I can't get enough of it. The video is laid-back and fun, but the song's wonderfully addictive rock chords and catchy hook make it a must-hear. 
       The lyrics, and those vocals, are great and, with a solid punk rock rhythm that flows through the song with such enthusiasm that you can't help but love it, the song is refreshingly fun and I found myself singing along by the second listen (and third and fourth listens).
       Check out the song below, get the single on bandcamp, and check out the rest of these guy's work (in the links below), because it's great. 
"2+2=5, You Suck" The Saving Pointe
- E


Remembering A Beginning

       If you haven't yet gotten Elephant Revival's latest album, These Changing Skies, buy it now, because it's gorgeously put together and each song is refreshingly sweet and completely perfect and I just cannot get over that fiddle. They're like an upgraded Nickel Creek, with fuller melodies, better vocals, and honest lyrics that contain wonderfully deep emotions without drifting too far into a melancholy sound. It's folk music at its best and I can't stop listening. 
"Remembering A Beginning" Elephant Revival
Check out "Down to the Sea"
- E



       I am so certain of Jupitr's future success, if only because her lyrical work and beats couldn't be better and she so seamlessly changes from the fast paced pop of "The Good Die Young" to the melancholy ballad "Relapse" and still manages to sound amazing on both tracks.
       The single is filled with blatantly deep emotions that easily come through in every word she sings and I can't get enough of those honest lyrics and the more than perfect instrumentation. This single is just as amazing as the other (featured here) and I can't wait for the release of her album.
"Relapse" Jupitr
- E


       Hudson Taylor's music video for "Care" was released yesterday and, though I was excited to share it right away (as any readers who check the Myspace, Twitter, or Google+ pages could tell) I reigned in my enthusiasm some so that this single could be featured on New Music Monday (because it's awesome and it deserves more than a simple Sunday night post).
       The video revolves around the wonderfully simple attitude which flows through the band's emotionally charged acoustic songs. It features the twosome playing their acoustic guitars throughout (through a vintage filter, of course) and ends with the brothers simply sitting down and looking out over the city's night lights; it's laid-back, understated, and completely perfect for a song which requires no theatrics to express it's emotions. The fact that the video refuses to take away or distract from the music itself makes it even better because a song which blatantly states "for heaven's sake, I have been screaming at you all the time...I only say it 'cause I care" needs nothing more.
       There is no doubt in my mind that these guys are going to be able to make a career out of this, and I'm left anxiously awaiting the release of their music in online US stores. On that note, if you live in the UK, check them out on tour this November; they're opening for Kodaline and I can only imagine how amazing that show is going to be.
"Care" Hudson Taylor
- E



       I'm finally back on time with my monthly playlist! I feel an odd sort of pride in my ability to finally fall back into some sort of an organizational schedule (even if it is only my way of procrastinating because I really cannot summon the energy needed to complete my schoolwork). 
       Some of these songs are not on YouTube (and, therefore, are not in the linked playlist) so make to click on titles like "The Good Die Young", "Tell Me" and "Waiting On Cinderella" to listen to the songs. 
"Home Sweet Home" Russell Howard
"Chasing Rubies" Hudson Taylor
"Down to the Sea" Elephant Revival
"Brand New Day" Kodaline
"Haunted" Leagues
"I Love You" Said the Whale
"The Way We Touch" WE ARE TWIN
"Mason Jar" Smallpools
"Let It Go" Michael Franti & Spearhead featuring Ethan Tucker
"House On Fire" Black Taxi
- E


Momma Holler Album Update

       If you haven't heard Momma Holler's latest album, You Got What You Wanted, yet, you can stream it from Topspin, then make sure to head over to the band's website to download your copy for free (and sign up for their mailing list to be the first to hear about new music). 
       The album has the same gorgeously simplistic sound as the band's previous album, but is stuffed full of even more songs, laid back compositions, and perfect lyrics (not to mention those wonderfully rich vocals) and I can't get enough of it (and I can't stop replaying "Don't Think Twice").
- E


Perfect Stranger

       The song grows on you in the slowly awesome way that only something with a great late nineties-esque feel to the instrumentation can do and I can't get enough of it. With a solid track and strong vocals featuring incredibly catchy lyrics (and a really great hook) the song makes me want to dance around the room, and I absolutely love that. 
"Perfect Stranger" The Enemies
- E



       The song itself is perfect and probably my favorite from R.E.V.O, but the music video somehow manages to make it even better. It's adorable and sad and lives up to what fans have come to expect from a WOTE video.
       The video's cute and cheesy, relying heavily on the whole "root for the underdog" concept, yet I still find myself watching it again because, as with everything WOTE has done, it's amazing and so very addictive and I can't seem to get enough.
       Check out the video (multiple times) and, if you still have yet to do so, get your copy of R.E.V.O; not a single song on the album will disappoint you. 
"Speeches" Walk off the Earth
- E


       A steady guitar riff with a laid back Beatles-esque feel and wonderfully soft vocals featuring adorable lyrics ("Dry your tears, all we need is here, some kind of super love, forget all that's wrong and make it right") make this song ridiculously catchy. The song may be a little cheesy, but it has a great acoustic sound and I can't get over those lyrics (because I love cheesy songs); I find myself falling more in love with it with each listen.
       Check out Robinson's Willamina Machine, out now, because all the songs are wonderful (personally, I have been unashamedly playing "Waiting On Cinderella" on repeat for nearly a full hour now; I'm sure that everyone within a twenty foot radius of my laptop loves me completely). Click on all the links below to check out Robinson's sites and check back later this month to hear more about this artist.
"Superlove" Robinson

House on Fire

       With an intriguing music video that begs as much attention as the song itself and offers a perfect mirror of the triumphantly lonely sound heard in this (radio ready) bonus track, "House on Fire" is sure to make as much (if not more) of a mark in the alternative rock music scene this year as the rest of the songs on Black Taxi's latest EP, Chiaroscuro.
       The band's sound is unique and undeniably catchy (probably best compared to a solid mixture of Smallpools and Red Hot Chili Peppers) and, with a hook that repeats "I don't want to be alone, please just help me find you...I just want to get along, like a house on fire" I can't help but play this on repeat. Plus, I am always a sucker for a song with a good trumpet solo; when that trumpet came in at that 2:53 mark, I knew I was hooked.
       Listen to "House on Fire" and grab your copy of Chiaruscuro today, because it's awesome.
"House on Fire" Black Taxi
- E


Wrecking Ball

       Every time I see a negative comment on this video, there are twenty more praising it's maturity, because it's gorgeous.
       I would never have the balls to go nude, so props to Miley and stop hating on her so much. It's Miley Cyrus, a former Disney child star; if the worst she does is a raunchy (and remarkably un-classy) VMA performance and a music video which features nudity for the sake of art, then there's really no need to get upset over her 'antics'. The fact is, she's only twenty, she's working towards making a lasting career and, while she may have gone a little overboard in her attempt to create a clear demarcation between Cyrus and Montana at this year's VMA's, she has more than redeemed herself with the remarkable maturity which is present in "Wrecking Ball". Cyrus courageously shares her raw emotions and bares her pain in the most public of ways; it's heartbreaking and only makes the song that much better.
       At times, the video feels almost too personal to watch (in particular, when those close-ups of her falling tears are staring you in the face), yet I can't look away, because Cyrus is finally starting to come around and link her need to separate her current career from her child-star days with an actual art form that celebrates vulnerability and trust and confidence all in one swing (ha. puns...) and I find myself oddly proud of her. The song is amazing and the video is put together gorgeously; you call it overt sexuality, I call it unashamed vulnerability and emotional destruction. All I know is that, when the video begins, with tears running down Cyrus' face and "we clawed, we chained, our hearts in vain...don't you ever say, I just walked away, I will always want you" being shared like an intimate conversation, I'm sitting here thinking "I need a tissue and I need a hug".
       Check out the video and decide for yourself, but I love it and I now find myself anxiously awaiting the October 4th release of Bangerz (despite it's kind of ridiculous name).
"Wrecking Ball" Miley Cyrus
- E

The Good Die Young

       After the past year, this song is deliciously perfect and completely addicting. It feels great and soulful and I'm kind of embarrassed by how much I find myself falling in love with a pop song, yet the mixture of the fun and slightly chaotic pop beat with these great lyrics and Jupitr's soft, yet gorgeous, voice is just too great.
       While, on the surface, the song screams "pop", the lyrics and track layering's seem to take much of their inspiration from techno soul and alternative music and, with the repetition of "it's just the way it is", followed by an ever quickening beat, I can't stop playing this song on repeat.
       Check out the links to Jupitr's website, Twitter, and Facebook below and don't forget to check out her other single, "Relapse".
"The Good Die Young" Jupitr
- E

Home Sweet Home

       With a softly weaving harmony and a sweet acoustic sound, the simple heartfelt lyrics and constant guitar lend a gorgeous simplicity to this second single from Howard's EP, City Heart.
       If you like the single, make sure to pick up City Heart and don't forget to check out tour dates and the artist's website in the links below.
"Home Sweet Home" Russell Howard
- E


Down to the Sea

       If you're a fan of Cattle & Cane or Passenger, make sure not to miss out on Elephant Revival's These Changing Skies, released earlier this week (get it on iTunes or order the album from the band's website); it's harmonious indie folk with gorgeous lyrics and it gets better with every listen (because that fiddle and those perfectly scratchy vocals can't be beat).
       "Down to the Sea" Elephant Revival 
- E



       This year turned to ass last Halloween and I'm only hoping that this year, on the 31st, a reset button gets hit, because this horrible awful year has finally beaten me. 
       I'm taking a short break from the blog (only a few days) but will be back soon to share some interviews, album reviews, and new music releases.
      Until then, just listen to Kodaline on repeat; it's really great and is the only band I've found that can consistently compete with my adoration for Lady Danville's music. 
- E


Tell Me (Where to Begin)

       I knew I liked it within the first five seconds. When that piano riff insists on strutting out a strong intro before letting those scratchy vocals take over, I just want to get lost in that song.
       The lyrics are awesome, the rough vocals are almost as addictive as that riff, and by the time that 1:23 mark swings around, I'm already swaying to its beat.  
"Tell Me (Where to Begin)" Jim Kroft
- E


The Way We Touch

       Between trying to pick up extra shifts at work, family, and attempting to be, at least, an average student, I've ignored the blog, again. 
       I'll get back to working on some good posts and interviews with some (great) new artists for you guys but, until then, make sure to check out WE ARE TWIN's first EP, We Are Twin, because it is refreshingly amazing. With an instrumentation and back beat that begs you to dance, full rich vocals, and some of the best unabashedly honest lyrics to come out of this year's debut EP's, WE ARE TWIN is bound to create a strong following. 
       Start falling in love with the band now by listening to "The Way We Touch" and check out links to the band's Facebook, Twitter, and website below.
       "The Way We Touch" WE ARE TWIN
- E