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Keep Me Crazy

      Chris Wallace's Hits Like A Hurricane EP was released today and features four tracks that were released on his 2012 Push Rewind album (which will be available for purchase when it is re-released March 4; you can pre-order it now and it is worth the price), plus an acoustic version of "Remember When (Push Rewind)".
       Check out his recently released video for "Keep Me Crazy" for an example of how completely catchy Wallace's tracks are. The lines are sweet with a chorus that states "and it's a wild ride, every single night, even the worst of times, are the best of times, you got me singin'" and that melody is just as wonderfully upbeat and addictive as all of his other tracks. 
      Pick up his EP from iTunes today and start falling for his music now because Wallace's vocals have always been fame ready and each track is just as fun as the last. 
"Keep Me Crazy" Chris Wallace
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