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Take Me Home

       I'm briefly interrupting SafetySuit Saturday because i am just so ridiculously excited to see The Downtown Fiction (almost as excited as I was to see my first ever concert [for the purpose of you guys still possibly respecting me, we'll just say that Tokyo Police Club was my first]).
       Aside from Sleeperstar and Swifty (I try to ignore her but I can't), their's was the only full length album I listened to during my freshman year of college... and that was a weird year. Regardless, I thought for sure that the band had broken up as the break between albums was so great and I'm so glad they're still together and that I get to go dance around to this, because they're like a young The Maine with a lot of extra punk thrown in and their music is kind of awesome.
       Look up tour dates for Tonight Alive's The Other Side Tour because Tonight Alive is great (bands with lead female vocals are coming back around to be the next trend that takes over music), For the Foxes has catchy music you have to move to, and Echosmith is the definition of up-and-coming.
"Take Me Home" The Downtown Fiction
- E

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