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Last Year's Bands to Watch

       Hearing Passenger and Walk off the Earth on the radio this morning makes me super happy and it also makes my Thursday easier (though I really think I'm forgetting to do something so my Friday might be more difficult after shirking whichever responsibility I can't remember).
       This is the first 'Throwback Thursday'; I don't know if it will happen once a week, once a month, or if it will just be random, but it will feature bands to watch from this time last year, 'old' songs that are still awesome, or playlists from this time last year if it happens to fall on the same day.
       This week's will just feature a list of past October's bands to watch (with August and September's BtW thrown in as well) and, if you haven't heard them on the radio yet or bought any of their albums, do so now, because they're only getting better.
WALK THE MOON (if you still haven't danced to "Anna Sun" in the summer, get on that)
Youngblood Hawke (sadly, they're a little overplayed now, but check out "Forever")
Sleeperstar (I think I'm too excited for Lost Machines)
Timmy Curran (he's a surfer, so I'm pretty sure you won't hear too much more from him, but check out his old stuff)
Tokyo Police Club (no one puts out good indie rock like Canada)
Kodaline (these guys just keep getting better and they'll be famous everywhere whether you like it or not)
LP (if you like vocals amazing enough to give you chills, start listening to LP)
Momma Holler (check out their latest album on their website if you still haven't heard it)
Two Gallants (I blew my speakers out in my first car because I just couldn't turn down "My Love Won't Wait")
Paper Route (this album [and Swifty's Red] got me through last Fall)
Foxy Shazam (no one tells a story like Nally)
ALL CAPS (Horner's vocal nodes have put a stop to this, but their past songs are still so much fun)
Passenger (Rosenberg deserves all the radio play he's getting)
       Check them out and get their music if you don't already have their albums.
- E

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