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Travel Preparedness

       I think I've mentioned just a few (overwhelming number of) times that I will be leaving for Germany on Christmas Eve. It will not be an especially long trip (I'm just not that rich and if I'm in another country for longer than a month it will be England or New Zealand or Africa), but it will be especially great because I will be seeing one of my favorite people in the world for the first time in a year. While there, I do not want to worry myself with writing anything (you guys are probably awesome and your taste in music is great but...) so I have come up with a plan to be organized and prepared (for once).
       As we head towards 2013, seemingly quicker than ever, I think it is only expected that I compose lists of the best of the best from 2012 (i.e. best bands/albums/music videos). With this in mind, I apologize in advance for not writing about any bands or artists (new or established) until the new year; there will be plenty of great music to share with you come 2013.
- E

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