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Hopeless Wanderer

       Flora Cash has a new video out (a cover of Mumford & Sons' "Hopeless Wanderer") and it sounds just as gorgeous as I've come to expect from the twosome. Their music is flawless, with soft chords and wandering melodies that leave you anxiously awaiting the next line and vocal harmonies that never fail to make me smile; every time they put out a new video, I'm reminded of how completely wonderful they are, and this video is no exception. 
       Flora Cash is probably the only band who can sufficiently cover Mumford & Sons without making a fool of themselves and, honestly, I may like this cover more than the original (though that sounds a little sacrilegious, even to me). Regardless, Flora Cash did a beautiful job with the song and I can't stop playing it on repeat. 
       Plus, the video's adorable, as always, and leaves me perpetually rooting for this band's success; you can't not like them and their music (unless you're heartless and tone-deaf).
       Check the band out in the links below and, if you still have not picked up your copy of Made It For You, do so now, because it's indie folk-pop perfection.
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  1. These people are nothing but vandals. In their hopeless wandering, they decide to deface a national monument in Montana. It is so unfortunate that you acted so recklessly. You had a lot of Montana fans who basically think that you are hypocrites. You do not live the values in your music. It is a shame; and you are shameful.

  2. To the anonymous person calling these artists "vandals." For one thing- it was Cole- NOT his wife (the other half of flora cash) who made the carving. Second, that "monument" is only important because for literally hundreds of years, every Tom, Dick or Sally who traveled by that place has done THE SAME THING- left his or her signature, along with the date. Don't make this more than it is. Cole has issued a heartfelt and sincere apology, which the BLM has confirmed is exactly in line with what he told investigators immediately after this event took place. The media and people like you have done NOTHING but sensationalize something which is really not an issue at all. Cole is paying to have the EXTREMELY tiny etching removed and it is YOU who should be ashamed. Judging a person based on one mistake is absolutely illogical and senseless, since even the greatest or most accomplished people alive have made one or two (mistakes, that is). Many people derive a lot of joy from flora cash's music. Does that mean nothing because of this one mistake? Get real. Go back to hole out of which you crawled, you judgmental piece of shit.