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Master of Eden

       With a simple melody you'll like having stuck in your head holding constant behind amazing lyrics, I haven't been able to stop listening to this single since it came in, and I'm not going to be stopping soon.
       The recently released video features Blacke standing still as the background changes, mirroring the provocative mixture of thoughtful lyrics and simple instrumentation inherent in the single.
       The lyrics include great lines "bloody hands held out to greet us, promises from lowly cheaters", "all these souls combat demons", and a chorus which states "come on drink your wine with Jesus, sit and think there next to Buddha, bow down and pray forever, come on tell me who's your master" and by the time the bridge comes around stating "sold your guns now claim your freedom, fill your pockets with the devil's semen, politicians stand there preaching, starving children fucking feed them, can't you see the world she's bleeding, money burns the air you're breathing, turning children to a T.V. watch them grow into what they see" I'm left with the first song whose lyrics I've listened to before the music in a long time. The lyrics are amazing and the simple instrumentation which does nothing to cover up or take away from the bitterly honest words makes them even better. 
       By the time the song slowly dissolves to its end, leaving Blacke to repeat "tell me who's your master" sans instrumentation, I'm already set to hit repeat.
       Head to Blacke's website for a copy of his latest album, Butterfly Black, featuring the single "Master of Eden".
"Master of Eden" Marcus Blacke
- E