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By Your Side

       The latest music video from six piece rock/alt band Buffalo Sunn features the single's adorable lyrics held in stark contrast to a video which alludes to the inevitability of the things you just can't change.
       The Irish band's throwback to a sixties-esque indie beach sound combined with modern alternative riffs produces an undeniably addictive melody. Sweet lyrics, "don't worry, I'll be there in the morning, by your side, for you", and a prominent guitar riff combine to create a perfectly balanced melody while persistent drums and that final vocal harmony urge you to play the track on repeat.
       Catch the music video below, buy the single (from the band's forthcoming debut album, By The Ocean, By The Sea), from iTunes, and head to the websites to find out more about Buffalo Sunn.
"By Your Side" Buffalo Sunn

Buffalo Sunn          
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