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       The description of a song catchy enough to push oneself to fame, in a song itself, is too ironically impressive to pass over.
       Lilting vocals lead the way as a soft track begins to build upon itself, growing heavier as the lyric's elusive quest for recognition is paired nicely with a video that features the protagonist completely remaking himself, when given the chance. 
       The track manages to come full circle with the imploring "to be unknown is not our own decision and we're fed up" both opening and closing the track; the rest of it is tied up nicely with the repetition of "with a bass line sounding funky to get you hooked like a crackhead junkie" while "we're moving forward and onward" is repeated in the background proves to be so superbly addictive that this track will be running through your head for days.
       The deep bass, heavy rhythm, and solid guitar riffs feel like a refreshing change of pace and, with a production that feels gritty, but never messy, the track will hold your attention from that opening beat to its final lyric.
"Trippin'" RudyTrixX
- E

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