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       Teddybears new summer ready single is as addictive as ever and their always danceable mixture of electronica/hip-hop beats with rock/reggae rhythms and easy to sing along with lyrics are in full effect on a track that's sure to make its way into your next beach playlist. 
       While lyrics that state "won't you be my sunshine, your sweet smile is always on my mind" are casually sweet, they're met with such a greatly terse opposition in the video that it's hard not to lose focus on the track itself. 
       The track's dance-worthy and cute, but the video, which features a magical pair of underwear which turns every man she sees into a 'teddybear' (by shooting rainbow rays from her bejeweled crotch [I don't know]) is so distracting that I'm left with a slight appreciation for their weirdness and a lot of questions for the mindset of the person who pioneered this idea. 
       Check out the insane video below and get the single now.
"Sunshine" Teddybears
- E

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