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Let Me In

       An assuredly sturdy piano starts the song off right and offers its constant support throughout while steady drums keep the song moving forward, a soft woodblock adds something unique, and fun guitar riffs and bass lines are addictive enough that anyone can fall for the track. The back and forth between Christian and Hannah makes already sweet lyrics even more irresistible and lines like "all this time been trippin' and slippin' around, you got me, now I'm swimmin', swimmin' in clouds" are sung with such tenderness that you're sure to find yourself sucked into this single, whether you're a nerd fighter or not. 
       Christian's frantic scream around 2:17 leads into a wonderfully emotional instrumental before the track plateaus again with Christian's soft vocals stating "now I'm findin' out that all I know is right at home, but I'm tellin' the man my plan to never feel alone" as the track quickly crescendos again before snapping back to Hannah's softly sung "gimme, gimme that love, I'll be waitin' for ya, catch my hand, I'll be fightin' for ya" (which perfectly captures the vulnerability of the line) and the track is made just as torturously emotional as the movie it's supporting. 
       Listen to the gorgeous single below, see The Fault In Our Stars in theaters now (with a box of tissues and a complete lack of dignity), and check out the sites below to see why Grouplove is still seriously underrated. 
"Let Me In" Grouplove
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