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Night Like This

          LP's lyrics are always put so eloquently that it's easy to forget that her music falls solidly into the pop genre, but with its steady beats, a fun vocal harmony, and a melody that lifts and twists along with the verses and choruses, it's clear that "Night Like This" is nothing less than a wonderfully put together summer pop anthem.   
          The track opens with the perfectly put "you were the one, you were the only one, I was born to know, beyond the crush, of any summer lust, that we dared to go" that is bound to make any longtime fans really swoon for the first time since "Levitator" and, while a chorus which states "stars are falling, are we falling too, dawn is coming, what's this coming to" carries the same cliches and slightly tired invocations of every pop track, LP's powerful and crooning vocals keep it from delving too far into the realm of pop songs and bring it back to something interesting that you can sing along to, without the fear of making a fool of yourself by singing passionately along to a Top 40.

          Listen to LP's gorgeously crafted "Night Like This" and get her full length album, Forever For Now, available now. 
"Night Like This" LP
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