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       Colbie Caillat released her new EP, Gypsy Heart Side A, in anticipation of her forthcoming fourth full-length album, Gypsy Heart, due for release later in 2014, and the lead track is achingly stunning.
       Lead track "Try" (available for free on iTunes now) features Caillat's signature soft guitar and crooning vocals which build in accordance with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds gorgeous piano melody.
       Lyrics which seek to engender women everywhere sweetly beg "you don't have to try so hard" in between verses which question "get your sexy on, don't be shy girl, take it off, this is what you want, to belong, so they like you, do you like you?" and "wait a second, why should you care what they think of you, when you're all alone, by youtself, do you like you?". 
       The track closes out with Caillat's acoustic guitar and soft vocals stating "look into your mirror at yourself, don't you like you, 'cause I like you" and the softly sung assurance is sweet enough to hook any long time fan. 
       Get Caillat's new EP on iTunes now and listen to the gorgeous single below. 
"Try" Colbie Caillat
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