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Sad Beautiful Tragic

       I listened to Taylor Swift's new album constantly during my dad's duration in the hospital (which included a lot of trips home at odd hours in the morning) and fell in love with the entire album; nothing sounds better in the 3 AM sea fog than a really great break-up song from Swifty. 
       I may have been slightly emotionally off at the time that this last album was released, but I still know great music when I hear it, and Red was perfection (which is why it's still a little unbelievable that the Billboard Milestone award went to a child whose career is over; the Milestone award should go to someone who's going to be around for a while, not a passing fad). 
       If you have not yet heard all of Red (in which case, your only acceptable explanation for this strange phenomenon would be that you just finished a year long stint working with underprivileged something or other in a third world country of your choice), start listening now; I may have too many emotional ties to this album (and Paper Route's The Peace of Wild Things, which was released around the same time and is amazing), but that does not lessen the maturity, lyrical greatness, and overall perfection that is Red.
- E

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