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       On principle, I have never had a Twitter account and I never planned on getting one; who really cares what you are thinking every second of every day. If sixty percent of the people around me knew what I was thinking at any given moment, I would have no friends (either because they're being awful or because I'm sitting here thinking about how I would rather get sun poisoning then fall down a flight of rough concrete stairs than sit here listening to your stories of how blue the water in Croatia was. Water is blue; everywhere. If the water in Croatia was purple, then I would want to hear about it [because that would be awesome and probably a sign of the end of the world and I have some great plans for the apocalypse]).
       In light of some recent events though, I have decided to start a Twitter for the blog, if only to announce when new posts have been put up or to make it easier for you guys to talk to (at?) me (though you can still totally send emails because I like those and, more importantly, I understand how those work...). I am awful at using social networking sites correctly (i.e. apparently, you are supposed to change your facebook profile picture more often than once every two years; who knew?) and I am positive that I will, no doubt, fail at doing this thing correctly. If I fail to post updates or 'follow' you or whatever it's called, just know that, though I may look like a college student, I have the social networking skills of an eighty year old. I love you, I just don't know how to show it online (though I would totally hug you if I ever met you).
       So bear with me as I try to get this figured out so I can share music with you guys a little more efficiently and I guess.. follow me? Maybe. Yeah. Follow Me
- E

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