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Same Love

       The best thing about being woken by your phone beeping incessantly is realizing that your friend is texting you for amazing reasons, and not bad ones. My stance on DOMA has been clear, I believe, but, if you're new to the blog, here's a past post about the need for marriage equality in this country.
       Overturning the Defense of Marriage Act is only a small step as, though you can now be recognized as a married couple at a federal level and receive all the same benefits as other married couples, there are still plenty of states who still can't seem to figure out that a basic human right should be available to every human being, no matter their sexual orientation. My friends who have found someone they truly love, family friends who have been with each other for thirty years, they deserve the right to marry the person they love, without having to wait for a federal court of strangers to decide whether or not their relationship should be given the same rights which every other citizen is born with.
       This song is gorgeous and makes it impossible for me to not love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (even if I still can't stand "Thrift Shop" because all I can think of is stalking Girl Scouts... but that's another story for a different time).
       "Same Love" Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert
- E

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