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Kodaline Update

       If you caught Kodaline's Livestream, you got to see them answer a few questions and play some songs ("Love Like This", "High Hopes", "All I Want") live; they were all amazing. 
       After missing out on seeing Kodaline open for The Airborne Toxic Event (though LEAGUES was a truly awesome opening band) during their U.S. tour, watching their performances on Livestream should be good enough to hold me over until the band returns to the U.S. to tour again.
       Though I love the band a lot, I think I may have to stop joking around with my sister on a few things. Making remarks about Garrigan being super attractive is one thing; having her exclaim "HE'S AFRAID OF ELEVATORS TOO!" is in it's own category of weirdness that edges towards creepy (also, who wouldn't be afraid of elevators? You're trapped in a small metal box that hangs from a few wires; not cool engineers).
       If you missed their Livestream (because their information doesn't circulate around the U.S. too quickly and I put that last post up a little late.. sorry) you can still go to this website (HERE) and watch it because the band is adorable and the songs are amazing. 
       Listen to the band's acoustic version of "All I Want" for something gorgeous.
- E

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