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Shared Music

       One of my favorite things since starting this blog has been having a band/ PR company/ record label email me information about their work; I love it.
       Finding music is fun and amazing (I can't believe it took me so long to find bands like Family of the Year and Passenger, Kodaline continues to amaze me and, had I not found Lady Danville [now Hunter Hunted] back in '08, I would have never returned to music), but there's just something really great about being given the chance to hear music I may have never found on my own.
       Below are just some of the awesome bands who have gotten in touch with me (through Gmail, Twitter, YouTube) over the past eleven months (This blog is almost a year old! I feel like I should do something special. If you know who I am, let's go do something August 16), along with some of the bands who have so graciously reached out to me after I mentioned them on the blog; you are all amazing. I cannot wait to hear the music you continue to create and you make it worth the effort it took to turn my life back over to music and, for that, I am eternally grateful.
"Chandeliers" Our Big Plan 
"The Tide" Shake It Up (this is not on YouTube, so click on the link for good music)
"Goodbye Serenade" The Rebel Light (they were the first band to get in contact with me. They're pretty cool)
"Lionheart" Sirsy (check out "She's Coming Apart" because it's overly great too [all of their music is great])
"Boogieland" Moonshoes
"Twenty First" Drop the Anchor
"Some Kind of Fairytale" Shauna Case
"Lethal Dose" Ayah Marar
"Drinkin'" Holly Williams (songs like this show just how pure and gorgeous country music can be)
"We Love Like Vampires" Sparks the Rescue (I will play this on repeat all summer)
"Sold My Soul" Cattle & Cane (this song, and all of their music, is simply gorgeous and I can't get enough)
"Mighty Fine" Flora Cash (one of my best musical finds this year)
"Bein' Round You" Momma Holler (one good thing that came out of attending FSU at one time)
"If Worries Were Weights" Dear You (probably one of my favorite 'new' bands and, as Louis Moore [drummer] is 
       the one who got in touch with me [kind of.. found me on Twitter], he's one of my new favorite people; this 
       song, and all of their music, is pretty perfect) 
- E

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